Hello world!

Well, this is my first time to start blogging after all these years. Actually i ever made it before on blogspot, but as usual, i never update it T_T even until it’s closed several times ago (my friend just told me).

Actually i’m quite inspired with some of my friends that keep updating their blogs, sharing their thoughts, sharing their life, sharing their feeling and information thoughh it. So proud of them who always updating ^^. I wish i could learn from them a lot.

well….it’s quite interesting to read others blog… sometime when they’re expressing their emotion on blogs, it makes me realize that i’m not alone, that everyone has their own problems, and sometime someone ever faced the situation that i faced…So simple kind of life… But we are the one who keep making it complicated T_T…

Well..today is great, but yesterday was awesome. I watched Victor’s recital at Sunter (reformed institute)… well here’s the List that he played yesterday…so awesome (in my opinion)..

Then i realized…i think it is the first classic piano concert that i didn’t get sleepy on it hahahahhaa…welll..i’m still learning to love classic i guess… I used to like the classic that i used to hear, but i used to get sleepy with the new song… (so bad T_T)

I was so proud of him…that he could perform it well, though he seemed little bit nervous..but it still perfect… to see him playing with the piano, made me realize that I’m nothing compared to him…. hahaha..so funny to feel like that…
After watched his recital, then i went to Naripan to have late dinner with adri and his friends…and as usual T_T… they didn’t allow us to pay…hufff… may be it’s fine if it’s just for one or two times…but if for everytime T_T … speechless about it ….

After all…finally i ate “Manis Baso” my favourite one ^^… then we went home… and i was so sleepy…

I want to thank God for yesterday…. Thank you for letting me arrive at institute safely and ontime, cos actually i didn’t know how to get there before…just by faith ^^, after lecturing, i was hoping for Taxi to be avail (Express Taxi, since it’s cheaper ^^), and after wait for couple of minutes, i was almost hopeless n stop the BlueBird, but suddenly i saw Express in front that Bluebird..what a blessing thing ^^. Then i was worried about the direction, cos i have no idea which road i should take… moreover the driver didn’t know the Sunter Area = = ‘…. so i asked C Jol how to get there…. And thank God finally i arrived there…fiuhhh…so happy to be there before the show ^^.

Another thank you is for helping Victor to play the piano so well 🙂 i was so worried that he got nervous… but everything so great. I met Aem n Apek there ^^.

Another thank you is for letting me to go home with adri, so i can go home safely ^^ actually, i have no idea how to get home after the recital, but thank God i got a friend ^^…. So thanks to You.


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