A great Sunday

Finally, there’s a choir rehearsal again, after 1 weak off ^^ (coz of Chinese New Year)… We were practicing for this Sunday service…. (have to be gather on 6am = =’ so hard for me… but i’ll try my best… がんばって!!!!) This Sunday we’ll sing Lass, O Her..Nice song, and nice lyric..may be i’ll post it tmrw, cos i don’t remeber it, it’s in German). After PS Grii, continued with Jos YC… Huhuhu..still couldn’t sing the Mass = =’, but we got a new song, nice song ^o^.

After rehearsal, i went to mandarin hotel, for me this is the 2nd fair that i attend… Spending my time for gathering the information alone… so feel great cos finally i can be there alone, to search anything i want (though i’m still not sure what i want), to manage my own self. Actually it’s not easy to be there alone, among the crowd, but i have to practice my self to be independent, i can’t lean on others too often. Friends are important for me, but it doesn’t mean if I can’t ask anybody to accompany me, then i won’t go. I have to be strong right ?? ^^

A lot of information i got there, about living n studying in U.S,and there were some kinds of scholarship that they offe, it could be direct from the univ, or from the organization or the government (Like Fullbright)… Actually i do interesting to get there, to get new experience, new environment, new culture… Hahaha.. But i still have to ask my self about what subject i really want…. So far i’m interesting in Music, Education and CompSci <again???>, i ever interested in MBA….but i don’t know am i really suit on that thing ? Still can’t figure it out… But i did enjoying my time to be there alone, gathering information…. Though at last i won’t go, but at least i’ve tried.. Cos i know when it’s not His will, no matter how hard i try, it won’t work, and there must something better that He has planed ^^.

On my way home, by taxi, i was so happy, looking out the window, enjoying the cloudy afternoon…So great Sunday ^^


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