Actually this is a preach topic on Feb 18th 07, but i just write it now. I’d like to post it since 2 weeks ago, but finally i write it now ^^

He said that common people used to don’t realize the change that happen around them, and it might make them losing a lot of opportunities… In the other side, wise people aware with the change that happen within theirself. As for me, actually i think it’s not easy to realize a change that happen in my own self, it might be easier to know the change around me, but it’s harder to realize if it’s my self which change. It takes time to realize it ^^.

Another point that he said, there are several things that might make us realize about T.I.M.E, those are :

  • When we get a serious sick / danger, then we realize that we only have very little time.
  • When we face the loss of opportunities
  • When we are facing our death.

When we are faced to those condition, people used to start to realize that how precious the TIME is. Just like the Psalm says :”Teach us to count our days, to be wise”.

The biggest mistake in life is when we are shaped our character by avoiding all the pain that we should faced. It just make us weaker than we should…

There’s a good quote that he said : “1 inch of time as worth as 1 inch of gold, but 1 inch of gold can’t buy 1 inch of time that already pass”…it shows how precious the time is. No matter how rich we are, we can’t buy the time that already gone……

He always tried to emphasize that TIME is our asset, TIME is life, TIME is opportunity, TIME is record.

  • Since the time is our asset, we have to think about how to deal with our time, an don’t let the time tied we up.
  • How long our life is the same with how long our time is.
  • Time is a place for opportunities, and when the opportunities go, it will go without any permission. And it will come to those who appreciate it.
    • When opportunity comes, he didn’t tell you.
    • When opportunity arrives, he will go.
    • And when opportunity goes, he never return.
  • Our life is just like a paper. When it is blank, it means nothing, but when someone writes a promise on it, it means a lot and it’s very precious. Time might foes, but the note will still there and won’t be dissappear.

Be wise with the TIME we have in this world. We don’t have to wait until we get sick to realize how beautiful to be healthy.

That preach realized me how precious the time is… and made me think about my life more, and also made me to cherish my life more. Thank God for gave me that opportunity to be there.


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