March 2nd

actually i have no idea about the title ^^, so let just name it the data of today ^^..
Thank God cos finally the class today runs well, we are talking about Multimedia role, and discussing about Making of Ant Bully, thanks to C Ceemot for the idea ^^…

Feels like the time runs so fast ^^, till know it’s been 2 months left in 2007, quite fast huh… just feel like wait the rest 10 months for the new year again ^^..
Couple of these days, i spent with thinking about the future of me…something like scholarship, or may be working..all of these stuff swimming in my head, but i won’t let it spinning in my head ^^…

Hmm talk about scholarship, suddenly i remember about “Lift Case” in anggrek, while i went to Anggrek Campus with my friends to see the education fair there…while we were going home, all of us got in to the Lift, then suddenly we were breathless because of the smell..huahuahua…so funny, one of us just instantly asking to push the next floor to take a deep breath…. it really made me laugh… so funny..when the door opened, we take a deeeeeeepppp breath, enjoying the fresh air to get ready for the next hahhaa… so funny, i still can’t stop smiling when i think about that ^^..what a great day with you all ^^

After today, the burden feels lighter…. Friday syndrome i guess…or actually lecturing syndrome hahaha… everytime i have a class, when the day is coming, the burden feel so heavy, but after then feel so great ^^….
Time to go back…. ^^ start to think about yearly plan…for preparing the audit on March 14th hufff….



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