Great weekend

For me this weekend so great….
On saturday, i got migrain and i hate it when i get a migrain…it’s just so hard to concentrate on anything when it comes… So it made me lil bit unfocus.. (sorry can’t focus on the meeting ^^). Bcoz of it i decided to go home earlier than usual… though it still overtime hahaha… (never ever use my standard of going home earlier ^^ it still out of working hour huahauhua)
At room, i watched a movie for a while, then got my dinner so i can have my Panadol… cos something i knew..i have to sleep ealier, to be awake on 5am in Sunday…. I have to be in Church by 6am. so hard for me, but i can’t loose my spirit to serve ^^ …

When i was taking my shirts, i looked up to the sky….Wooooo it was so great, it was so bright… so i decided to go to the roof.. And i never regret on it… the sky was soooo great, so bright, lots of stars (remind me of something ^^) , the moon shined so bright (though it reflects the sun’s shine ^^).. What a great sky… And also the wind so perfect…
For me it was a perfect saturday night in Jakarta…perfect sky, perfect weather and perfect wind ^^ i was taking a deeeeeep breath, as deep as i can, and it made me really peace. I thanked God because of it… I stayed on the roof for a while, looking around, looking up to the stars… It really made me so peace.. and it reduced my migrain ^^ Wish i could have it again someday….
Go back to the room, my feeling was much better, and also the headache getting better…. then i slept

On Sunday, Finalllyyyy … i can wake up earlier than before, so it made me not as late as before ^^ Thank God. After the church, i went to JHCC with my friends, to attend Breath of Gospel (Part of Java Jazz event)…
And know what ??….. it was so great.. how they arranged the event, how they arranged the lighting, the sound, the animation.. so great. And the artists… they are very talented. They played so great, from the bass ,drum, guitar, keyboard, synth and also the vocal. They blended perfectly. Never regret to come there ^^
Just like the preach said : God never create a music, but God creates the talent in every human. And if we wanna have a great music, we have to work hard on it. Through the concert, i see God’s grace to us , what a wonderfull talent He creates through them, and they use it very well. Just wonderful 🙂
After the concert we have lunch at Belezza…and it was nyummy…especially the “Udang Goreng Mayonaise”.. so nyummy ^^
After all, i went back to my room … enjoying my Sunday very well ..

What a perfect weekend. Just feel i was so blessed. Thank God.

PS : never ever ignore the nature… it helps me a lot..


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