If i were in Bali, then it would be silent everywhere… It’s one of our unique holiday, where all people don’t turn any lamp, don’t make any noise, no body come out of the house. It’s so silent..

Beside that, i also miss the “Pengrupukan day” where the Ogoh-ogoh carried in the street after the sunset. And it will burnt after the midnite. It’s been a while I don’t see this event.

Suddenly i start to think, what if it’s happen in Jkt – the crowd city- ? Will it be ?

But though i’m not in Bali now, i’m still gratefull, cos i just relieve from my sick…I got influenza + fever yesterday… huff… And it makes me really have to take a rest…full rest ^^, may be if it’s not bcoz of it, i won’t take a great rest. And now i feel much better, I do thank God for giving this perfect holiday, in a perfect time (can’t imagine, if today is not a holiday.. 😦 ). Moreover, there’ll be audit tmrw…that’s why i come to Lab, cos there’s still some documents that must be prepared for tommorow… 🙂
Hope this audit runs well 🙂

Time to take a rest (again ^^)


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