Get Focus

I get a great lesson for today ^^ ….
In the morning, i’m too excited cos finally no more fever..what a happy day.. And because i’m too excited…i lock the door..then BANG!!!… I Forget to bring the Key 😦 … but i can’t think about that, cos there’s audit in 9am…
So i just go to the Lab, put my bag and jacket.. and have a breakfast .. ( cos i starts to feel something wrong with my stomach –‘, i think i haven’t fully recovered yet :p ) ..

When i have my breakfast, suddenly the rain comes down…quite big.. And I bring no umbrella, nor jacket … But i try to ignore it, and enjoy my breakfast 😀 .. and get focus on it, also have faith, that it will be allright… I decide not to worry for something that still unsure..
And guess what ^^…the rain just stop after i finish my breakfast… * what a happy * … though i still think about my room, but i still have to think the audit first…
First think first…or i’ll mess everything…

Thank G, the audit runs well, and i have a time to take a break, before i become a thief in my own Room ^^
* it will take a great effort i guess ^^

Thank G for letting me to put my things in order.. so i can focus on a thing, finish it well, then start to think another thing :D..



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