My luck is Back ^^

Yest i worked late with my friend..cos we have to prepare for today’s presentation in front of the Bosses…Actually it’s my bos that have to present it, but he has to go to hospital, so he delegated it to us…

Huff…Quite scary, but i can’t runaway…got to face it, whatever happens…My wish in da morning…(just if it’s possible).. Please let it be postponed until my bos gets back [-oscary calculation (for me ^^)… Keep on waiting….

2.30pm…. We get a good news ^^ the meeting is postponed till next week.. Huaaaaaaaa…sooooo happpyyyyy \:D/ huff huff… But the bos asks us to talk about it and revise it in her room.. (this one is much better than to present it in front of the board – in my opinion).. Huff.. i hate my flu (wish i can breath freely T_T).. so we talk there for about 2 hours… And finally….. it’s finish (the meeting) and there’re some notes that must be added..

Thank God..huff… (1st luck in this day)

After that…i have a chat with my friends (the other friends)… and she said…”Ta, u r so unlucky today… cos i bought u a Hulla-Hulla ice cream (one of my fav ^^) but the other friend already ate it” … huaaa.. for me it’s my 2nd luck… Cos i still get a flu T_T…

Then when i’m on my way to the Lab..i meet my friends (the other friends – again ^^) and he says “Hi ta…how’s your stocks today…” Then i realize… OMG i forget to make a “sell order” (the thing i used to do in the morning, cos i can’t monitor it all day) – i think it’s gonna be a bad thing T_T… Buttttt… he said… your stock is flying today… and it’s already beyond my expectation… Huahuahuaua… so happy ^^… So this it the 3rd luck in this day ^^

Then i continue to prepare for tmrw…(a routine lecturer time :D)

So funny, the day that i afraid (bcoz of the presentation)..has turned into a lucky day :D…

Thank God ^^…
Time to go home and take a rest…^o^


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