A Peace Sunday

After a great saturday yesterday, i wake up with joy today :). As usual i prepare my self to go to the Church with my friend (“nebengers” still alive hahahah).

Then i’m walking to “warung indomie” (one of my routinity in the Sunday – always having indomie + Coffe mix – the thing that helps me for not getting sleepy hahaha) i look up the sky..it’s cloudy.. so no blue sky 😐 …but i still feel excited…cos last week i can’t do it (since i laid down on my bed… powerless = =’ ) So i do grateful i can have this morning, though with unperfect throat πŸ˜€

In the church, the priest talk about the unforgiveable sin (hohoho..even God is love, there’s one unforgiveable sin in this world…may be i’ll post it somewhere else πŸ™‚ ) i’m happy cos i can sing a little..with my itchy throat ^^ n i decide to go to the rehearsal today, though i can’t rehearse well, at least i can hear what song is being practiced ^^… it just feel so happy if i can sing it well, give the best i can to praise Him..

I learn a lot since last week, to cherish the health that He gives really well, there are times when i want to do something, because of my unhealthy condition (yeaah i know it’s because of i don’t take care of my health well too ^^) , i can’t do it…Grrr, it makes me feel so useless = =’, ….next time i have to cherish it well ^^. So being sick is a gift too ^o^

Today we practice
– in GRII Choir : Lacrimosa, Lift Thine Eyes, Sanctus
– in Jos YC : Mass in C minor (which is still really hard to learn it = =’), Prayer for Humility and the new song “For the beauty of the earth” from John Rutter
(i have a thought to post the beatiful lyric that we sing in choir in my blog too ^^ but not in here i guess… may be i’ll make a new one for it… Hope sooooo hahahah)

In Jos YC, we laugh a lot..dunno why, there’re so many things to be laughed at… One of them like the way we sing “For the beauty of the earth”, the conductor said : “haiya…i feel like hear the Bollywood and Hollywood choir laaaa” – with his Singlish tone hahaha…. The boys sing it in Hollywood style, n we (the galz) sing it in Bollywood style hahahhaa… (so many dotted rhythm = =’) But i really like this song… so peace πŸ™‚
The best part for today rehearsal is… when we (of course i’m not singing a high note – it might make me lost my voice for tmrw ^^ ) sing “prayer for humility” in the end of rehearsal. It’s so beatiful song, beautiful lyric, beautiful harmony. In the middle of it..i feel so peace πŸ™‚

Thank God for letting me among this wonderful choir.


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