Great Weekend (checked wishlists ^^)

Finally yesterday we went to BLITZ with friends, we go in 9 with one of my friend’s car… While i am waiting one of us to gather, i look up to the sky.. it’s already dark anyway… But.. i love the sky, cos it starry sky ^^ it really made me feel so safe..dunno why.

After we were complete, we went there. BLITz is in the 8th Floor @ Grand Indonesia… n know what…to get that floor.. a great driving skill is really needed hahaha… Cos the road is round n round n round n round and it feel like we were climbing the building…going up n up till the 8th Floor…

After we arrived… my first impression about the place is …Wowww… what a big place n it’s nice 🙂 they have 11 studios, a lot of LCD (too much i think hahaha, why dont they give me one ^^), nice LOOKING cafe (i emphasize in looking, cos we were quite dissapointed with the service 😦 May be it’s because of they’re first saturday, so some meals were out of stock and the service time sooo loooong, till we had to cancel our meals order T_T . Hope they can improve it ), and..the think i like the most is nice night city view ^^..i always enjoy the shining night city view…feels like see a lot of stars in the sky.

We decided to watch Blood & chocolate, while some of us watched 300 (i’ve seen it last week). And thanks to one of my friend who paid for it huahuahuaa…it’s a lucky for me…Cos he’s going to go abroad next tuesday.

Oya…the ticket price was depend on what movie u see, so it’s not a flat rate ^^. So be carefull with it ^^

Next step is get into the theater…They have a big theatre… I forgot to estimate the capacity T_T..but it’s bigger than 21. And the chair, hmm quite comfy 🙂 also the space from one chair to another chair. (So i don’t have to pull my foot in if somebody pass in front of me ^^).

The sound…hmm quite good, they have 8 satelites on each side, 8 in the front (3 above the screen, 3 below the screen and 2 beside the screen) It felt different when the “Stomp” Dolby was played. Nice sound system, though one of my friend told me that it could be better if they set it up again.
The Movie… blood n chocolate”, actually i like this kinda Movie ^^ it looks like “Underworld” ^^.

Since we canceled our meal order, i was so hungry… 😦 So after the movie, i directly bought a French Fries… What a yummy one.. (coz i’m so hungry hahahhaa) I love their packaging, a box with the fries n also a place for the Tomato Sauce, so it’s handy. It’s quite difficult for us to find a place to sit..Sooo i just gave an idea to “lesehan” hahahha… Thank God they have carpet to cover all the floor, so it’s not cold hahaha… This part i like the most, I sat on the floor, ate a yummy French Fries with the Tomato Sauce (Tomato Foreverrr…no to Chili hahaha), and saw a nice night city view from it…. lots of lights, a high building… So nice.. (just like the view i saw from the highest Floor at my friend’s apartment)..

After all, we went back again…n guess what time is it ended?? hahaha… I checked on my watch.. It’s 00.10 while i was walking back to my room.. Hahaha…so late…but i didn’t regret it..cos it’s so great for me… i looked up to the sky again.. n i still saw a starry sky..What a lovely day 🙂 Thank God

In my room, i re-read my note… n i realized, i have 3 wish lists that checked on yesterday ^^
1. A blue sky in the morning (cos it’s been a cloudy day for 2 days, so i kinda miss the blue sky – the thing that i used to do every morning while i’m walking to my campus- look up to the sky ^^) and it made me feel so peace, no matter how big my prob is or how bad my mood is, it always make me feel better.
2. A starry sky in the night (this one quite seldom to happen nowadays – this is the thing i like the most everytime i go back to my room) and it made me feel so safe… Feels like God is always watching me from up there
3. Finally i can go to the BLITZ ^^ hahahhahaa….

So yesterday makes me feel so great 🙂
Thank God… 😀


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