A lucky day ^^

Today…is the day of the battle huahauhua…Finally, today i’m taking my Toefl test……

I wake up n come earlier today…last nite i prayed to get awake on 5am…n Guess what ?? i wake up on 5am…hohohoho….a miracle hauhuahuaua…. but.. (what a lazy me) i don’t use it very well… so i take a short sleep again… (sorry G for wasting ur chance ==’ )… while i’m taking a short sleep…i wonder to hear Beethoven Symph no.5 again.. (i played the classic music since last nite… and played it in shuffle) and guess whattttt….. after i take a bath and the other morning routines…. Finally the song come up in shuffle hahahaha…so happy ^^ (though actually i can choose it directly hahaha…. fool me ^^ but i just don’t wanna do it..)

and today, i make some people surprise , cos i come very early.. 7 am ^^(actually i used to wake up on 8 i think hahahah) .. N while i am walking to the campus…i look upward … the sky is soooooo pretty…what a bright blue, with bright sunshine… ^^ I plan to take a excersice again in my office.. Just for making me feel better…

N finally i go to Balai Pustaka building with my friends, they are taking TOEFL too… we arrive there quote early.. so i continuate to reread again huahuahua…. while the others reading the other book (not to TOEFL prep book) huahua…poor me..i think i’m the one who haven’t prepared well… so i just reread until around 12.30….

12.45 … jreng jreng finally the test takers are called to the test room… then the test started on 1pm…. In section 2 (structure), i’m running out of time = =’ cos i can’t manage my time well…. 25 minutes for 40items = =’ n the structure quite confusing…. when the time is up. i haven’t answered around 6numbers….so… i answer it randomly hahaha… (this part make me lil bit errrrrr… = =’) But as i promised to my self… i won’t target my self too high… but i promise to give my best.. so i won’t regret on it…

And after the test is finish… i ask to the staff…what is the minimum time to retake the test (hahaha just in case my result isn’t satisfied) and she says it must have different month…hohoo… Sooo I have 1 week to cooling down.. take care n get focus to my work..and if the result isn’t satisfying…i have 2 weeks to prepare it again…hohohhoo….great one….perfect time n Never Surrender !!!! ^^ (hahahahah)

After the test..i feel so starving = =’ so we decide to go to Golden trully to have a combination of late lunch n early dinner (for me hahaha) When i hear the “Bajaj” sound in front of the building, it sounds like heaven hauhauua…cos i do really hungry n can’t wait to eat…but the “Bajaj” already occupied ==’ Until suddenly there’s occupied Bajaj that stops right in front of us, to unload the passenger… n finally we get it… (lucky number 1)

When we pass the GOlden Truly, we think that the driver will make a u turn to be right in front of Golden Truly (so we don’t have to cross the road)… Butt..suddenly it stops in front of Golden Hotel.. (so there’s missunderstanding = =’)and it’s hard to go to Golden Truly from there….so we decide to go to Sunter Mall… Suddenly i remember to pick up my bro’s things at his campus… but his friend isn’t there… so i postpone it….

Finally we arrive at Sunter Mall….what a perfect place TO EAT huahauhuaa…. though it a small mall…but it helps me alot… to safe me from starving ^^… we order McD… hohohoo…today, McD Chicken feels soooooo perfect =)) very right time ^^. When we just decide to go out of Sunter Mall, i see an Optic…so i directly prepare my glasses… (lucky number 2) and i see a tool to fix in….so i decide to buy it.. (lucky number 3)… Finally…i have my own tool to fix my glass hahahaha…and it costs only 8thousands.. (i thought it would be expensive before)

After Sunter Mall, we go to my friend(‘s friend’s) home (actually a friend from my friend…. hahaha don’t be confuse about it…just consider it as my friend laa, to simplify it) We are greeting for their almost 2 months baby boy…what a cute baby ^^…then they have a interesting chat….Since i don’t wanna go home alone, so i decide to join them hahahaha…

After all, we go back to the campus… (lucky number 4) we get a very nice driver from bluebird..and after i see his drivercard…. he is the leader of the group….so no wonder he is different from others 🙂 N finally i arrive at my lovely campus…after a whole day travelling around…taking test..it makes me feel quite tired…and it makes me feel that my room is the best place to go for now hauhauhua…

Oya…when i reread my messages…last year mom sent me about dad’s condition… Right on April 4th 06, dad’s condition was really bad…compared to now…it’s kinda 2nd miracle for him…So by tommorow it’s been 1 year…since our last family struggle….last year..God teached us a lot..the most important for me is the faith…and surrender in His will…

Something for sure…His plan will always be better than mine… It just a matter of time to prove it… So whenever i feel my plan doesn’t work (may be just like my TOEFL today) Just wait n see n keep trying…there must be a great plan behind it….

He has His own Perfect time to do His wonderful Plan..Just keep the faith ^^


2 thoughts on “A lucky day ^^

  1. If you want to read a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for four from five. Detailed info, but I just have to go to that damn google to find the missed pieces. Thank you, anyway!

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