Healthy Week ^^

Last Sunday, i had an earlier service, it was Easter… Happy Easter ^^. The church started at 5.30AM…And after church there was no rehearsal ^^ hihihihi….

So i went back after church… I decided to watch a movie, just to make me feel better ^.^ . I’ve watch “18 vs 29” since Thursday, and it finally finished on Sat. Nice movie… Dunno why, i always like kinda movie which the girl role so strong, so independent. And typically Korean movie, the people used to be so arrogant to express their feeling. And there’s also some problems in it. So on Sunday (after Church) I watched Windstruck. Nice movie, and it did make me feel better ^^ To keep the spirit up.

After that, i felt like nothing to do, so i decided to go to TA (FF of course) since Wina was there too, so we could meet a while, before she goes back to Japan. And this time, finally i brought my MP3 player accompany me..

This time, the excercise quite different. When others tend to use energic song to be listened during excersice, that day, i choose all the melancholic songs..especially the soundtrack from Korean / Japan movie ^^.. * to adjust it with my feeling i guess hahaha… And it worked ^^ those songs made me push my self more to excercise. I think this was the first time for me to do excercise for 2 hours non-stop hahuahuaua…

Started with 30 minutes on Treadmill – and it really made me breathless ^^. Then continued it with the tools there… excercise..excercise n excercise…. sit up till about 3oo i guess… huahuahua…can’t believe i can make it ^^ then cycling…playing with the tools..back on 20 minutes treadmill. Dunno why, that day i just want to push my self to excercise more n more.. And it really made me feel better…and tired also ^^. But I like it…

On Monday, i think i won’t go to TA… but suddenly my friends asked me to go there…haha can’t refuse it… So i did the same thing yesterday…. excersice…excersice … n excersice ^^… with all the Melo Songs ^^…

Today, the rain comes…and my friends feel quite tired…so today we have a rest, n tommorow we’ll go again huahuaa….

Keep the spirit UP!!!!!


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