Year of Miracle

Last year… One of my friend ever said to me that 2006 gonna be a hard year for me… First i lost my digicam (huuhu… my lovely one = =’..i miss u = =’… especially when there’s a great view or event :p ) then there were some private problems that i faces… n then on April, i got a bad news about Dad…His health were getting worse…

But this year… i try to flash back.. couple of days ago, i rewatched my SMS n my notes…n also my diary… Then suddenly i realized….

On Apr 4th Mom sent me a msg that said about Dad’s health… His heart’s function left only 8%.. (huff huff… it’s not an easy thing for me to hear that kinda news ^^) and may be this year (2006) might be His last Easter… and of course it took cost.. Huff huff… But i did totally surrender to God. Cos i believed, His plan won’t fail, and He will make it perfect in His time.

At first, i asked mom, did i need to go back, cos she was alone there…and she had to take care of Dad… (it must be not easy), But she said, she could handle it… Ci Titin n Aem came from Bdg to help too… Thnx to them (kinda miss Tea – ci Tin’s daughter – …how r u there ^^).

But in the mid of Apr, finally mom asked us to go back… What’s on my mind was if mom already ask us to go home, then it must be really hard for her. She is kinda person who try her best first and try not to bother anyone. So, though i knew dad’s condition already bad, when mom asked us to go home, then i prepared my self for the worst. I did really surrender, let His plan works on our fam. So finally my bro n I went home…

When we were there, dad’s already in the hospital, so we helped to take care of him, koko stayed at hospital with the uncles, i slept at home with mom… It’s not easy to see this condition, but i knew, i had to be strong, to strength mom too.. It’s hurts when i saw dad. When he was cough, it seems sooooo hurt till he had to push his chest to hold the pain. = =’

After our arrival, dad was getting better day by day…. What a miracle… besidesmy bro n i, there were dad’s bro (it was very rare to see them almost complete hahaha..especially uncle peter who live in Netherland) they came from bandung, n netherland… also c titin n Aem… so great to see them there 🙂 Aem said, our (my bro n i) presence was the best cure for him ^^.

There was a time when i accompanied mom to buy Oxygen for dad. So there were Oxygen and hospital bed in dad’s room hahaha… After couple of days, finally dad came home… (sayonara hospital ^^ Home sweet home…) At home, dad’s condition getting better… n better… n better…though it was still lil bit scary to see him used the insulin = =’ …

And there was a night when we gathered all,n koko lead the fellowship, to cherish it all. It was very rare situation for me, cos i can’t be home quite often, and also bro… So i do cherish that nite, when we gathered, say thanks to the Lord for His chance…. This was the 2nd miracle for dad, the first one was in 2001.

Today, when i flash back those days…. it is a very wonderful time for me. First, i can be in the middle of my fam for couple of days. Second, i can see God’s hand worked on our fam through dad. Third, there was a time when mom n i, just the two of us, sat and talked about my prob while i see the beautiful beach in front of me, and feel the wind blow… it was a great afternoon, though i couldn’t see the sunset clearly bcoz of the clouds. But for me, talk with mom about what i feel, what i think and hear her opinion about my prob, it just great ^o^. Fourth, i can learn how to surrender n finally see, God works when we finally give it up. So many things i learned through it…

To see dad like now, it hard to believe that he already passed that hard days… not only in physically hurts, but i do sure, phsycologically, it will affect him. But now…everything just PERFECT. Mom n dad n koko are in home now…it just me who left out of home hahaha…. so, whenever i go back, then we’ll be complete ^^

Thank God for a year of miracle that u allow me to be in the middle of it ^^


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