Fun Week

Hmmm..this week, i spend more money in having fun’s been so long, don’t do something like this ^^

Finally, I decided to join FF with my friend…we registered for 3 months membership…huhuhu… Next month my bill will rise quite a lot… regret…it’s for Health πŸ˜€ hehehe…

Just feel so funny, i ever thought that people who join there, must be great, and i ever thought…will i join something like that ? Just can’t believe, finally i’m part of that hahaha….

Then on Wednesday, I had dinner with PDP…@ Huang Ting..huahuahua…. my bos treat it all huahuaa…and i was so full, i ate “Udang Mayonaise” quite a lot huahauha.. .nyummy…

On Thursday, suddenly my friend told me that “Reaping” already played in the theatre, n i saw BLITZ directly, and it was thereeee…hroeeeeee… and my friend asked me whether i want to watch it there…OF COURSE…. it’s hard to reject BLITZ huahuaa…. then i decided to treat my friends, as B-day’s treat.. So we watched it (nice movie) n also nice theatre huahuaha…n this was the first time my popcorn still left till the end of movie ^^. After the movie, we still discussed about the film, it really a great movie (for me ^^).

On Sat, my first time to have Saturday Off ^^.. so it was an holiday for me huahuahua…and i decided to have FF again huahauhua…. so i went there with my friend, then continue to Tanah Abang for Choir Rehearsal.

After rehearsal, i went to Niko with my friends to buy Sakura Matsuri ticket for next week. On our way back, i asked them, do they have any plan after it…and they say… SKATING!!..hauhuahau… so i joined them ^^… After having KFC as a late dinner, we played Ice Skating @ TA….waaa… it’s been very long time after the last time…

And the thing that i afraid was happen…I fell down huhuhu… it was quite hurt…but i was happy ^^ Till now the pain still there huahuahua… but i am so happy. Finally i play it again ^^

Beside all those Fun things, i also learn a lil bit about Korean Lang this week… It just interesting to know about new language ^^….

The text that i take from Song’s lyric that mean so deep (for me ^^)

우리 노무 μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄μ†Œ μ•„νŒŒμœ λ„€γ…›

μ†Œλ‘œ μ‚¬λž‘ν•­λ‹¨ 말도 λͺ¨ν…Œμ† λ„€γ…›

Hahaha..can’t believe cos finally i can read it and write it, though i still learn with it ^^ At least i can know some new things this week and enjoy it very much ^^


2 thoughts on “Fun Week

  1. heh you join FF? FF membership gua kemaren malah mao ngasi orang, blom dikasi.. ada yg mao ga? april masi ada.. kalo mao transfer membership aja, jadi ga bayar joining fee..

  2. Huaaa…telat ga papa dink ci wil. kemaren itu pas lagi ada promo, jadi bayar join fee n admnya kena around 250 gitu de…
    Transfer membership itu gmn ? kena fee berapa yak ? ntar i coba promote di sini huehuehue….

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