Government oh Government

This week, i try my best to apply scholarship ^o^. So far i try Aminef (for another PostGra) and the Malay (this one training only). Bout the result….well..hope so hahaha.. Since i never try something like this.

The malay one, tmrw is the deadline…and to complete the form, i have to take medical check up…So yest i went to the Kemanggisan Klinik…huhuhuu…my blood T_T… and it cost quite a lot….huhuhu another thing that will rise my bill next month ^^. But i assume it as a general check up la..since i never did it for a year.

The other requirement is Official Declaration. It needs “Ministry of Foreign Country” declaration…huff..actually i don’t think i’ll try it. But then i tried to call the Ministry of Foreign Count…n guess what… it was so unclear…seems like they didn’t know which department who can help me…

Today, i try to call the office (ministry of Foreign Affair) again.. and I directed to Asean department i guess… This one, the person speaks better than yesterday (may be bcoz it’s related with ASEAN…) than she tries to find the right department to take care of this thing (Declaration for going abroad to take scholarship).. And she asks for my contact and asks me to call after lunch.

After lunch (around 3pm) i try to call (again) to the ASEAN department, and she suggests me to call the “Kerjasama Teknik Department”, so i call there… n guess what… no body pick up the phone….

Huff…Why is it so hard to get the right department and information in this Ministry Foreign Affair = =’…. i start to loose my appreciation on it = =’


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