Another Throat Prob = =’

Yesterday i went to FF as usual ^^.
Finally after couple of days not going there becoz of the Lab stuffs (on Monday i had to go to the clinic just for check up n also to complete the requirement for the Malay scholar . on Tues go to the Doc to report the result… = =’ I hate it when i have to take the drugs = =’ But as far as for my goodness, then i’ll do it = =’ )

So when the Wed came, I went there with my friends… This time i choosed to swim ^o^… swim swim swim n swim…so lovely…

After all, while i was waiting for my friends, i bought Quickly… dunno why just feel like it’s been so long i never drink that kinda thing…the bubble² tea… Then i decided to order Coffe ^o^ with the hope i wont get sleepy fast.

After my friends finished their stuff, we went to McD (huhu..why should McD… I couldn’t resist for not ordering the French Fries = =’ ) so i bought it… (haiyaaa…. I think having workout just makes me eat more than before = =’ )..
While my friend took quite a lot of i tried ^o^… just a little bit of it…coz i can’t eat spicy things and i don’t like it…

And this morning….When i wake up… i feel like there’s something wrong with my throat… Then i just realize…. the perfect combination between cold Quickly and the chili is the source of it…. Everytime i have this combination, i never skip the throat prob = =’
So, next time i have to be more careful with it… Since i have this weakness, just a lil bit chili (just a very very lil bit of it) combined with the cold drink… then … be prepared for the problem = =’
What a sensitive throat = =’


2 thoughts on “Another Throat Prob = =’

  1. Thank you ^^
    hueeeee…..”no chili” is really health la :p ..though some people said chili is a great source of vit C 😀
    yo i..troches really really great…

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