Today, my friend ask me…
“Just if….If there’s no “Failure” in this life, What do want the most (one thing only) ? ”
Then i answer it….. the failure it self ^o^

Why ??? Coz i’ve learned a lot from failure, and without it, i wouldn’t never know how’s the feeling of success, how’s the feeling of rise up again. So though failure is hurting, but it depends on how we deal with it.

And for me, runaway won’t solve any problem, it just create new problem…so i won’t runaway in every problem, though there are times when i fail my self n others… but through every failure, i learn how to be better n better (just my thought)….
にげる ため じゃ なく、 ゆめ おう ため に。My fave quote ^o^

Then my friend asks me…if that’s what u want, then what is your purpose of life ?
So i just answer…i want to give all the best i can ^ ^… so there won’t be any regret at all.

“How to know if it’s already the best???”
Hmm in my opinion…. Never stop trying… cos in every process there mustbe something we can evaluate, to be better n better…. Never stop giving n trying…Just Never give Up
Hmm though it seems so easy, in real…it would never be that easy for me….to realize it… it takes time…a very long time…and hard process…

There are times when i fall, but just like the Spidy said… The purpose to fall down is to get up again ^o^….

I don’t know whether i can help my friend with my answers or not. Coz it seems like my friend is having a personal problem. But i’m happy to share my thoughts…

And i have a new point of view…just suddenly come…. There’s a reason for facing so many problems, sad things in life…
So sometime, when others face the same thing… i might share it, and (i wish) i might help them…cos i’ve felt the pain when i faced the problem alone, n i don’t wanna others to feel it.

– Ganbatte!! Nigeru tame ja naku – ^o^


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