Complex life..

Hmmm….actually, i want to go to FF now..i’ve asked my friends since this morning whether they want to go to FF today or not.. cos yesterday we can’t go, since they’re not in a good condition… i’m so excited go there… Just feel like wanna run n run on the treadmill ^o^ with my fav songs…
But…suddenly…after i have my early dinner…. the rain is coming 😦 … opened with a great thunder…then…. Byurrrrrr… i am….got stuck in my office…

Actually, there are some options that i can take…
1. Keep exercise (but i don’t think my friends will go)
2. (grudug…grudug…the thunder just say hello) Keep waiting for the rain….
3. Keep going home… of course with the consuquence i’ll get wet ^^… But after i’m home, i can take a bath..then sleeeeeep hahaha… or watch the movie (i’m watching winter sonata since couple of these days ago…)

Hmmm since it’s been out of my working time…and i still got stuck here…and i’m not in the mood for doing my job out of my work time, so i decide to write then ^^…the rain is really crazy out there….

Hmmm yesterday i have a chat with my friends while we were having snack… she told about her sis.. who is so brave,boyish, n she never see her cry, unless when she broke up with her boyfriend.. Then she said… “In our family, we are type of girl that hard to forget someone we love, and we love someone, it could be for a long time…… ”

Then i just think… why there are so many kind of people…
– there are people that used to be called playboy/playgirl, they seem like can easily forget the past, and start a new one fast…
– there are people that can be two (or more) timers… (haiya…what an unfaithfull type = =’)
– in contrast with the first, there are people who could only love 1 person for a long time… and it’s really hard for them to forget the past when they break up…

Huff…what a complex life…different people…different thoughts… different feeling…. Though we live under the same sun, same appearance : 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, 2 ears, etc, but different people have different heart, different destiny, different life…. huff..what a complex life…


9 thoughts on “Complex life..

  1. hohoho…dunno lo…in the one side feel like the 3rd, the other side envy with the 1st that seems like can forget on something easily huahuahua…
    So, it’s a combination, something for sure not number 2 huahuaa…
    Then how bout you ? is there any other type ?

  2. I think I’m the 3rd one.

    I think most people are the 3rd but somehow, some of them don’t want to fall too deep on their lost love, so they try to find someone new in their life. When they found the new one, doesn’t always mean that they’ve forgotten the last one. They try to enjoy the new relationship. In which a long with the new relationship, they hope that they’ll be able to forget the last one. But not all of them are succeeded that way. Those who’re success, may have a better relationship, but those who’re fail might have a worst relationship.
    Doing this way makes them seem like the 1st.

    As for me who declare that I am the 3rd, I don’t want to find someone new before I’m sure that I’ve forgotten the last one. Which it makes harder to forget. That makes me seem like the 3rd.

    As for the 2nd, may be they who’re affraid of the feeling of broken heart, so they try to find someone new before they even finish with the last one.

    another type may be the one who really love some one, even if they lost the one, they will still keep loving the one and don’t want to forget the one.
    sounds like the 3rd, but it’s more devoted to the one.. may be..

    Well those are just my opinions though..

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