Just a thought…

as a continuate the last post.. about type of person (in a way they love)…

Today my friend told me about her story… a weird thing… (for me) …
Hmm let me give a brief condition about her. She’s already broke up since about (almost) 1 year but it still hard for her to forget her x-BF(let say it with A)…especially when he had a new GF… she was really struggling to get up again… but i’m happy coz finally she got up.. though sometime she faced the upside down bcoz of that feeling… (i think she’s type of galz number 3 – from my last post ^^).

And after that…there were times when she choose not to have contact with A.. though sometime they’re still have a chat, usually A used to start the conversation….
And there was a time when A said to her, that actually he still love her, but he knows that it’s impossible to be with her.. (haiyaaa…what a stab… how can A said like that, when he already had a GF, moreover when she still love him… – I think A never know that my friend still love him till know – Haiyaaa what a sad = =’ … how can it be… 😦 it always make me sad when i hear her story )

She told me that she made a decission, not to ruin A’s life anymore…so she tries her best not to start a chat or anything deal with A… I dunno why, but she said she just make A’s life worse n she just want to see A happy… so though she still loves him, she believes that they won’t never be one (what a sad thing.. = =’) . So she decides just to pull herself from A,and keep wish him the best. (what a confusing life for her)…

n today she told me something strange..

Couple of days ago, she told me that she suddenly think of A, dunno why but she feels like she kinda miss A, and she feels so worry about A…she said that…she feels that there might be something wrong with A, but as usual..she has no braveness to ask A about his life… ( 😦 ) so these days, she really feels so worry….

Today she told me…..suddenly.. she receive a msg from A… n guess what the message from A to her… :
A : i dream about you again last nite. You look so sad, but you keep on smiling. Is there something wrong with you ? I’m a bit worried here.

Jreng jreng….. when she told me about that… i just can’t say anything…try to imagine her feeling….

How can it be so coincidence…. in the middle of time she thinks about A, she worries about A, suddenly A sends her a msg like that….

Then suddenly cross my mind..after she told me…
Just if.. Just if both of the are still have a feeling to each other… cos it seems like they just push down their feeling. Is it possible when 2 people still have a feeling for each other very much, when the one side think about the another so much, that thought could be delivered ???

Cos for me it’s so weird…when my friend really miss A, then suddenly A send her a msg like that…. (just let assume that is really A’s dream)….

Just weird, something like this could be happen…


4 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. she’s avoiding his ex (not chatting etc) ->
    she meant not to make his ex’s life worse or instead her own life ?
    maybe she just need to be honest with herself, if she really meant that not having any contacts with his ex is to make his ex’s life better, than any comments from his ex should not have any effect on her.

    If she still loves him, never tried to run away from him, it doesn’t work that way. Just be there for him, until she can accept the fact that he’s not hers anymore and never would be. Then in that way, she can let him go peacefully.

  2. @ dk…
    thank you for visit πŸ™‚
    see…i’ll fwd it to my friend…i know, it might be not easy for her, but i believe she will learn, and only time can heal πŸ™‚
    Cos in my opinion loving is not always having…just like the my fav quote :
    If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don’t, they never were. (KahlilGibran)
    really like that one… the loving is really close with losing, and seems like when we are ready to love, then we have to prepare ourself for lose too..

    @ ceemot.
    hahaha… kejamnya dunia…takdirrr memang kejammm…nah loe πŸ˜›
    yah gitu de ci..mungkin karena A nya tak perna tau kalo temenku masi ada feeling.
    Soalnya dulu perna cerita pas mo balikin something gitu, si A nya bilang :
    ” kalo kamu balikin itu, berarti kesan burukku terhadap kmu bertambah”
    So, it seems like si A mikirnya temenku sudah ilfeel kali ya…
    Aahh…. Emang susa de kalo uda talk about love prob hahaha…
    Good luck for her … I believe she’ll pass it well [-o

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