Be not afraid

Wow….It’s been a week since last Friday… Actually I was quite scared and worry last Friday, because there was a problem that stuck in my head since last Wednesday.
Hmm okay, may be this thing is not a big problem anyway, but this teach me not to give up before I try it 😀 .

As a person who live out of my home… (huhuu I miss my home n also my mom n dad = =’), so I rent a room monthly here. It’s been like this for about 5 years (hmmm…can’t believe I’ve been in Jkt for 5 years ^^….) . So there is one problem that always show up when I need to go…that is Transportation… ^^.
I think to live near the place where I study and work, make me lazier to go to other place ^^ (especially if it’s far).

So when my choir instructor announced that there will be additional rehearsal to prepare the concert (it on June 9th ,finally it is decided ^^), and the additional rehearsal will be every Friday 19.00 @ T.A III/1. Hufff…. So suddenly transport prob splashed on my mind when he announced that ^^. How to go there alone and to get back from T.A to my place in (probably) 10 pm (by myself = =)

Hmm actually I used to take public transport (mikrolet) after rehearsal on Sunday, because it still around 2-3 pm, so I’m not afraid to go alone J though sometime when I lil bit lazy I take bajaj or taxi hahaha.. (so lazy huh…). And the route from T.A III to my place not scary. But when I asked my friend about going to T.A by mikrolet, she said, hmmmm it’s better you take the bajaj if you want to go there in the night, cos the mikrolet used stay (how to say ngetem in Eng :p ) in the Tanah Abang station, and it’s quite risky for a girl to go there in the night.. moreover, the traffic will be full..

So, last week, the thought that cross my mind… should I go…should I stay…should I go… should I stay (hahaha..feels like YZ blog ^^ ). That day, I finish my worktime till 6pm, so thought that crossed my mind, should I go by mikrolet, bajaj or taxi (if I go ^^)..actually the thought for not going almost win ^^…but suddenly I thought, if I’m not going, then it’s gonna be hard for me to catch up the song. I’ve been this choir quite long, so if this problem can disturb my mind, it’s very bad of me… I can’t let my fear of the unsure thing take away my will to service Him better n better…

If I go, then I’ll be able to give my best in the concert. But if I don’t then I’ll feel guilty for not giving my best 😦

So I decided to go, no matter what will be happen in the further (especially how to get home at that time) … I’m so lucky that finally I get that spirit of giving…I’ve promised my self to keep give my best, and that time that thought splashed my mind. And the thought that I keep on my heart, He would never fail me. If I give my best, then I believe He will protect and guide me. So no matter what will be happen, I believe that must be for good, He never plan the bad ^^….

Huff huff… so I went with a spirit J, and I decided to go there by either bajaj or taxi (old tariff hihihi…so it wont be too expensive). Wait…wait…wait…keep on waiting for the transport…. Blue bird passed…. Couple of time…bajaj passed.. (I decided to wait the taxi, because I don’t want to be very late)… bajaj…blueBird…passed…

Then suddenly….bajaj BBG came huahuahuaua… so happy to see that ^^ so I just stopped it, cos it won’t be as slow as the bajaj…huahuaua… I was so happy ^^… the thing that I waited didn’t come up, but the thing that came up was the thing that I out of my wish huahua, it’s beyond my wish hahaha.. beside feeling happy, I was feeling blessed to that day ^^. Since he already guided me for the way I get there, so there’s no more doubt that He will help me to get home safely ^o^ (though I haven’t know how it will be…just keep the faith ^o^)

So finally the rehearsal ran well, lot of songs that rehearsed that day (thank G I was there). When the end of it came, I saw my friend that live in Kemanggisan, we used to go back together on Sunday…huahuahua… so that time I went back with my friend… (then problem solved :D)

After arrived in my room, I felt so relieved huff..the day that I worried the most (for that week) finally gone :p

I’m so thank G for the time of worrying cos through that I can learn how to keep going, to keep my faith, to keep giving my best. No need to worry, He will provide, He will guide, He will always be there

N today, I will go to the rehearsal just like before… and today I’m not worrying about that again. I will go happily and peacefully

Yey…get ready for the concert on June 9th, it’s gonna be great


5 thoughts on “Be not afraid

  1. ah.. kirain tata ga pernah takut.. 😀
    kaya waktu saya ke GRII sendirian Ta.. 😀
    pulangnya nungguin bajaj, karena duit di kantong pas2an, klo naek taksi takut klo ga cukup klo diputer2in, soalnya blom afal jalanannya.

    akhirnya pasrah karena da setengah jam ga nemu bajaj, tau2 dikasi taksi juga si sama Dia, BlueBird, dan ga diputer2.. 😀 duitnya cukup d hehehe..

  2. hueee…kan daku juga ce = =;… kalo kata lagu korea itu becoz i’m a gal..nah nyambugn de 😛
    hehehe…akibatnya sekarang jadi apal kan :p kalo ga kena mefet gitu, kali ga apal apal :p hehehehe…. emang kudu dikasi kondisi meffet kali ya kitanya biar ngeh… = =’

  3. wow.. you’re in a choir ?
    you must have a great voice..
    don’t worry to much, if you do something good (for HIM),
    He will guide you and anything that would happen to you, it would be just the best for you,
    even if you must through a bad experience, it must be a good thing for you
    somewhere in the future..

  4. Yep, i do think that the transportation in indonesia is not safe enough
    And if I were you.. I’d be feeling the scary of getting home by mikrolet safely.
    But it’s great while you can beat up your scary and think in the positive way.
    Of course followed by some actions to anticipate it , maybe like clothing like tomboy, wearing no accessories, money in pocket .. so hope this appearance minimize the ‘person who has the bad notion’ fail doing his action. hehehehe

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