Never falling in love..

Inspired with c ceemot blog…and previous entry. It seems like love will always be an interesting topic to be discussed ^o^

What is the thing that can makes me in love with someone?
In my opinion, there’s no reason 😦 then after reading ceemot’s blog, I’ve found the reason. The reason is because he is he, and he will always be he. There’s no special reason related with his appearance, his belongings, or his character.

If I love him because of his appearance, it might be fade by the time goes. So though his appearance changes, I’ll still love him.
If I love him because of his belongings, it might be gone someday. There’s no guarantee for that. There’ll be time when we face lack of everything (in material). So if he losses his stuff, I’ll still love him.
If I love him because of his character, example his way to say the funny things to cheer me up, his smart thought, or else… there’s no guarantee that people won’t change. So if there’s another character that suddenly comes up (character that I might don’t like), I’ll still love him.
Over all, I love him, just because he is he.

It might seem that love is blind, but it’s not. Cos in loving someone, it includes loving his weakness too. No body is perfect, isnt’t it ?

Though there were times that I might be hurt because of his words
Though there were times that I might feel loneliness because he is not with me when I need him
Though there were times that I might hate him for any reasons
Though there were times that I might feel he fails me (because I’ve put my hope on him)
I still love him.

For me, it’s not falling in love. But it is growing in love.

Because through the sad moments, I’ve learned to appreciate happy moments more
Through loneliness that I felt, I’ve learned to appreciate his presence whenever it is more
Through the hatred that I felt, I’ve learned more to forgive. And finally get the meaning of Corrs song ^^ (Forgiven not Forgotten)
Through the feel of falling down so deep, I’ve learned to be expectless.

Some people said, the more you put your hope, the deeper you’ll fall when you fail. So don’t put your hope to high

For me, when I choose to put my hope on something, then I have to be prepared for the worst.
If I’m ready to take the consequences of the worst, then there’ll be no regret if I fail, and it’s easier for me to get up. So I’ll take it ^o^

Through the loss, I’ve learned to let go and love more.

Just like some people said about love :

Mother TeresaI have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.

Henry David ThoreauThere is no remedy for love but to love more.

So I dont want to fall in love, it just sink me down deeper n deeper.

But I choose to grow in love.
When I choose to open up my eyes, open up my heart, I realized there are so many things that love had taught. And i never regret it.

Thank you for someone out there who had taught me so many things ^o^.

And the most, thank God for letting me to learn it. ^o^

Hehehe.. love still an interesting topic to be thought and discussed…
over all, it’s just my thoughts about love ^o^
Just feel great when I can learned to cherish everything more and more, what is left just gratitute to HIM.


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