The Concert ^o^

Just like usual, yesterday i went to the rehearsal… we were preparing for the concert on the next June…and as usual, our conductor gave his doctrine…. we said (following his words)

This is my choir
I love my choir
I’ll sing my best for the Lord

(we followed it enthusiastic – until this part ^^)

I will sell the tickets

(then we gave our sweetest smile)

Hahahhaa…. “Kyrie eleison ” ..actually it’s a gift to have a teacher, conductor and friend like him…

Soooo…here i’ll promote the concert ^o^
The concert will be on the June 9th 07, around 6 or 7 pm, and it will be help @Gepembri – Gading

The singer :
Jos Youth Choral n some of Children Choral (so all the singers are youth ^o^), this concert dedicated to all youths 🙂 to inform them how beautiful is the classic music. (and for difficult to learn it hahaha)

The scenario :
We will sing 3 songs in the first (contemporary song), and continued with Nelson Mass from Haydn

Hmm in my opinion, it’s gonna be great…

I like his words before all of us went home

” I never dream this choir will be the best choir, but i hope this choir will be better and better. Always better, never best.”

May God be with us. ^o^


6 thoughts on “The Concert ^o^

  1. hahaha tuh kan…bener…kita (anak2 choir) ga salah dunk ketawa pas ko nd bilang gitu… cc yang baca aja ketawa huehuehuehue… tapi apa mau dikata…kata² pelatih tetep harus diikuti huehuehue… so siap² liat daku jadi penjual tiket ^o^
    iya neee…ayo ayo bantu promosi hueueuee…. harga tiket only (belon diputuskan) around 50 or 60 gitu.. (semoga ga lebih mahal :p)

  2. hehehe iya ne ci wil..ayo beli tiket ? huehuehue…ntar i kirimin ke sana d hahahhaa….parah de ;P ato utus koko dw untuk report langsung konsernya gmn :p (huahuaha masi promosi mode on gini = =’ parah deee :p )

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