Character and Reputation

Today i get nice poem from the training that i joined since yesterday…

The title is bout reputation and character…

Environment decides your reputation
The truth in you decides your character

reputation is your photo
character is your face

Reputation comes from outside
Character grows from inside

Reputation is what you have when you r in new community
Character is what you haev when you r gone

Reputation formed in a short time
Character built forever

Your reputation can be learned in an hour
Your character wont be seen till a year

Reputation makes you become rich or poor
Character makes you become happy or sad

Actually i don’t write it all, cos there are some that i don’t agree ^o^. Just write here as a reflection for me or others… Cos sometime, we used to think about others, but never think about our own self… Think inside…

Anyway..nice training… lot of things i got from there.


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