Full weekend ??? I’m coming ^o^

Hohoho.. today my friend told me.. Your saturday off (finally, i have saturday off every 2 weeks ^o^), is not making you having more leisure time, but it just making you set up another thing to do.

Just realize it :p … And since this week, i can’t go for weekend with my friends anymore (especially go to the theater = =’). Say good bye to Buy 1 get 1 in Fri (the cheapest one) and Sat heheh… Say hello to Buy 1 get 1 in Sun, and nomat @ Blitz huahuahua…

(till June 9th) Say hello to Friday huahua…
Just like before, i will have additional rehearsal every Friday on 7p.m till 9.30pm…
And for sat… if I have Sat off, i’ll try my best to go to FF (w/ c ceemot of course ^o^, i don’t wanna go alone laaa ) in the morning (hohoho jia you c ceemot…) and there’ll be additional rehearsal (again) – (for end of year concert) on 6.30 pm.. Huhuhu….
Especially for tommorow, there’ll be service at one of church member’s wedding.

So..Hello to tommorow in advance hueuehuehue….

But it’s great to have lot of things to do, rather than have no idea to do anything ^o^. …



2 thoughts on “Full weekend ??? I’m coming ^o^

  1. hadoohh.. badan sakit semua ampe sekarang taaa…. :((
    ga mo latian yang aneh2 lage ahhh..
    mo latian yang angkat2 kaki aja.. seru yang itu heheheh :))

  2. huahuahua..iya…tangan n kaku ku huhuu..puegel puegel… (tapi demi demi…. demi 7 – 9 kilo lagi huahuahua..parah de = =’)
    Situ enak kuat yang angkat² kaki…tapi tak kuat huhu..secara yang diangkat kaki sendiri, jadi lebih berat de hehehe…

    Ayo ayo ciptakan minggu Sehat hahha
    * pengen sehat mode on ^o^

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