What a day… :(

Huff huff…yesterday, I went home earlier than before.. well actually it’s already 6pm la..but I used to be home late (what a bad habit – in my point, and good habit – in company’s point ehehehehe)… dunno why, but I prefer to spend my time at my office room than my room hihi.. (of course because of the AC and the internet la huahuahua…facilities…. :p)

Okay, yesterday I went home earlier cos I felt my body lil bit under the weather.. flu oh flu… I’ve already felt it since Sunday (cos I cleaned up my room I guess…and since I have allergy with dust.. so every time after I clean up my room, I used to get flu..but usually it will be fine on 1 day).

On Monday, we (me n my friends) went to FF…and I decided to swim = =’, cos it was quite crowded…so I have to wait if I want to use the tools. That’s why I decided to swim… That day, I only swam 20x.. less than usual.. cos the condition wasn’t good anyway…one of my friend decided to stop earlier and the another couldn’t swim… That’s why I didn’t swim a lot..

Yesterday…. Jreng jreng… finally it went to my throat… my throat felt not good 😦 as usual, the side effect of flu.. first it attacked my nose, and the next step (if it’s worse) then it goes to my throat = =’…
So I do really feel not well yesterday, I decided to be home earlier.. than took a INZA (my savior) and finally overslept around 8pm… what a great sleep..

And today…. This morning… after having a tight sleep, as usual I take a bath… BUT…when I wipe my face with towel… Jreng jreng…. Huaaa… itchy, so itchy and I realize.. the ants are in my towel huhuhu…. Really hate it.. (though it makes me suddenly awake… no sleepy left after the ant accident).. Haiya..but I hate it laa.. they bite me (thank God I close my eyes) so they bite under my right eye… and my back.. huhuhu..

This thing..costs me 34000 😦 cos I’m sure they will be in my clothes near my towel too, so I just directly bring my jackets, and my shirts to the laundry.. (and of course my towel laa) no mood to wash them by myself after those ants…

Actually it’s the second.. after the first attack, I used to check on my towel before I take it.. but today, I don’t check it, and suddenly use it = =’ aaarrrggghhhh… what a day…

Though I admire the ants for their living style..but just for today I hate them a lot.. why should they bite me 😦 why should they come to my room huhuhu… and sorry (for ants) I kill some of you (thank’s to Baygon).. but I do really hate you for today… huhuhu…

Please don’t bite me anymore laaa….

Hope there won’t be the third for this thing [-o<


6 thoughts on “What a day… :(

  1. hahaha.. klo saya mah bendera perang ama semut tetap berkibar ahh..
    adohh.. da waktunya saya melakukan penggusuran tetangga yang tak diundang nehh.. cape d :((

  2. Huee… jangan ci..heheh..masa kalo liat dia sendirian numpang lewat mo dibasmi juga.. kalo mereka ada penyerangan segerombol baru bendera perang dinaikkan lagi hihihi…
    Kasihanilah mereka huehueue…..

  3. ya ela, semut merah ya? syerem amat gigit di bawah mata.
    emang di kos kaga termasuk cuci ya ta? harus nyuci ndiri?

  4. iya..semut merah yang kecil imut2 tapi ngeselin kalo udah ngegigit :p

    Ada si ci wil, cuma yang pas digantungan itu anduk n kemeja kesayangan hehe..yang biasana cuci sendiri, jadi ga rela dicuci mbak kos.
    Plus jaket 022 yang tuebel itu…ga tega juga kalo kasi tu jacket ke mbak hahah..

    Secara udah ilfill nyuci sendiri (ntar kena gigit lagi = =’) maka dipercayakanlah ke laundry hihii

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