Say Hello to Long Weekend

Finally, i can say it…Long weekend huahuaa… Tomorrow is a public holiday. And how bout Friday and Saturday ???

Actually i used to envy to  others who have Saturday as their non working day, so when Friday is an holiday, they do really have a long weekend ^o^ huehue..But let me take it as a consequence to work in education world ^o^ (Though there’s univ who treats Saturday as its non working day)
So, it’s not a matter again hihih… Moreover since i can have Saturday off every 2 weeks… 

And this week… we will have recreation on Friday and Saturday for all staff in Univ.. We’re going to go Anyer… Finally…. beach!!!.. I miss beach so much…. it so hard to find a nice beach here… (compared with Bali of course ^o^)..So hope the beach will be great (hope not like Ancol laa…it’s too crowded and errrrr…quity dirty = =’ And something that i stil dont understand, we have to pay to go there = =’ The beach should be free laaa.. it’s a public place…)
I miss the beach, the blue sea (let me emphasize on the blue ^o^), the waves upon the sea. Hope the weather support it, hueheue..suddenly miss the sunset and sunrise, the cloud.. especially the silhoutte (suddenly i remember playing with the silhoutte, guessing what things are shaped by them.. 너는  그리워해요).. huahua..bali’s beach so lovely ^o^.

So, finally I can say it really long weekend.. ^o^ Tomorrow I’ll have PS GRII Gathering in me friend’s home @Serpong, then Friday and Saturday I’m going to say hello to the beach… Hope it won’t be rain or cloudy. But just even if it’s rain or cloudy… that won’t be a matter for me ^o^. Just miss the beach 😀

Fiuh… having refreshing in this week really great. Cos it feels like there’s lot of thing that have to be done this week… Dunno why, feels like the problems (work problems) suddenly came together in a very short time.. huehuee.. but I know life wont be complete without problems ^o^… So having refreshing in this time really fits on me hueheue….

Something funny, when I heard Anyer, I suddenly imagine, I sit on the beach, just watch the sea, (may be) write some in my diary, huehuee…that thought make me feel peace… free…comfort… Feel like great ^o^
Nature is the best cure for me ^o^

See you then…hope it will be the great refreshing for all ^o^.
Happy long weekend.  
(hmmm will someone used to be like that…when I’m not online for couple of days, then the mobile rings …. So..just let see hihihi…)

다음에 봐요


5 thoughts on “Say Hello to Long Weekend

  1. blue seeeaaaaa………… body boardingggggggggggg…………… taste the salty waterrrrrr.. feel the cold waterrrrrrrrr………….
    hah….. mari kita ke bali.. huahua

  2. soo.. jadi duduk di pantai memandangi laut dan nulis diary nya ? :))
    klo ga ketelen ombak yang segede2 bagong itu..
    huaaa.. ga berasa neh pantaina…
    I want more beach time…
    I want some young coconut :(( *blehh.. paling pengin malah ga dapet*

  3. @ yz
    hueheuhue..yo i..i miss body boarding a lot.. mari mari…bali still better than anyer.. (a lot)

    @ ceemot
    Huehuehue…ombak gede gitu, bisa2 jadi salah satu penghuni lautan kalo nongkrong di pantai. But i love the stars a lot..makana dikonciin di teras juga ga ngepek selama masi bisa liat bintang n denger ombak (plus ga kelaperan huahuahauhua)
    situ ga bilang ngidam degan se wekekek… kalo ga salah waktu itu ada yang bilang (pas hari pertama).

    Hmmm kangen deburan ombaknya cukup kebayar ama anyer…… asli itu ombak gede n tinggi banget…

  4. Huaaa…teganaaa… jadi ternyata….. T_T…hancur hatiku
    hueheuheue…daripada masuk angin = =’

    * tunggu pembalasanku huehue…ntar daku masukin kulkas looooo (boing…sadiz mode on)

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