Dream – Reality… What a very close…

Huff…finally long weekend has end … And today, I’m back to work again. Hohohho finally….After long holiday, my best friend (the same friend like before) shares her unexplainable thing to me….

I just curious how could so many coincidences happen in her life. Still remember how coincidence when she missed A a lot, then suddenly A told her that he saw her on his dream… Haiya…. Be strong my friend.

And today she shares her experiences again with me… cos i’ve been away since Thursday, so she just share it with me today.

Couple of times a go, she went to a place with her friends. A place that finally made her miss A a lot = =’. (hufff…after so long, she still can’t forget him…).
Then something happened, in the middle of her thought… she saw a car with his nickname printed on it… Weird… n how come…in the moment that she missed him, suddenly she saw his nick. She said, that thing quite cured her feeling…cos she knews she can’t see him anyway, cos he lives quite far.

Something bothering her mind, what’s the meaning that she saw his nickname (actually his nick quite unique, not much people used that kinda nick).. in the middle that she missed him…. (haiyaa…jia youuuu my fren….)

That’s the first part that she still can’t understand.


After she went home, she have to go to for a while (somewhere near her home), so she walked there. On her way to that place, her heart still smile cos she remembered what just happened, then she gaze her sight.
Just a slight look, then look down again, but she felt that she saw someone she knew… And guess what…. It was “A”… “A” was standing there… with couple of bags with him (seems like he just arrived here). She was shocked with what she saw… Either was it a dream or was it real… But it was real..
She had a very short conversation with him, cos he came with his GF, and in the time my friend met “A”, his GF (let say it “B” ^o^ to simplified it) was on the phone. So my friend didn’t see “B”, n (may b) so did the “B”.

What’s on her (my friend) mind was just she didn’t want to bother “A” life, seems like he was fine. So better be like that.. (haiyaaa..why should a very short conversation).
It’s been long time they didn’t meet..after that happen…

She tried to end up the conversation quickly, and then keep on walking, didn’t look back anymore. She was saved by the crossroad … she said… = =’…
But in her way she was trembling, shocking, taking a deep breath couple of times. Try to wake up. Wish that was just a dream…. But that was not…. Can’t believe but it’s true (suddenly i remember Ronan’s song… I don’t know but i believe ^o^).

The thoughts spinning in her head…why should this happen, in the time she missed A, then suddenly she saw A’s nick right in front of her. (She thought..That’s enough to cure her miss..just that..need no more).
But why should she met him…in unpredictable time, unpredictable way… (all of it was happen in a day only)

All the defense she built in her heart to forget him slowly, the thoughts that she thinks she strong just if she has to meet him… all of itfinally fall just in a day… She was down again…(so sad to hear it)… And what happened that day…appeared on her dream…. (haiiya…. = =’)
She got a dream that she received a letter from “A”… N the letter about A’s feeling to her, and told her that never be afraid to express what your feeling to others..just like what i’ve done.
(huaaaaa…. in my opinion : what a scary dream for her = =’)

When she told me about it…. i’m quite confuse about what should i say to her. All i can do just wish her the best. Wish her to be strong, to get up again.
It’s not easy my fren….. but i believe you can do it.

In my mind, i also don’t understand about it… How could it be happened?? She missed him, then saw his nick (thought it’s enough), then met him = =’… Just curious, what’s the meaning behind it all
(cos i believe everything must be happen for a reason)

To see her like this…it’s not easy for me, she is my best friend, she used to be strong, but everytime related with A…it’s just not easy for her to forget him….

Then i ask her.. (kinda cruel, but i just curious)…
Me : “You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want. But i just want to know your thoughts”
Her : “Yes, no prob. You’re my best friend la…it’s an honour to share mine with you…”
Me : “Errr…. to see you like this..like now.. all the defense, all the strength that decrease becoz of him… have u ever regret that u’ve broke up with him”
Her : “hmmm..Kinda hard question…. But it’s been a long time since that day..especialy the day he started a new one”
“But through it all, i’ve learn not to regret anything, though it made me feel bad”
Me : “But … Just if…. Just if.. you still with him now…i don’t think you’ll be like this now…You’re not as strong as before”
Her : “Yup…just if everything different… But I have to face it the reality too isn’t it… I can’t change my past anyway…”
“But here, i don’t wanna play with just if… I just want to learn to cherish it..”
Me : “Cherish it ???? What do you mean? Cherish for something that (seems) so bad to you ?”
Her : “Hmmm yeah…. Here i learn about life more… i know my self more… hahaha..funny huh… but I think heartbreak taught be to me more mature.”
“I never know that love also means ready to loose.. I never know that love is really close with let go”
Me : (boing….) just silent… “So you don’t regret it?”
Her : “Never :)… It just takes time to be healed… And let it be.. At least i knew what is tied freedom… I’m free, but my heart still tied there”
Me : “Errr…seee….”

(I can’t continue it…cos i have to go yest… To take care my Matrix and – finally – watch Spidey 3 hahaha..what a late huh)

Huff what a long post…. actually i wrote it yest. But just haven’t finish it….
I just think, her thought just nice, and it strength me… Never regret on something, no matter how bad is it…

N i realize too…it seems like the distance between dream and reality is sooo close….
Okay she misses him..and may be wondering what if she meet him… And when the time came…she just wish that was just a dream…. Dream – reality – dream – reality… Haiyaa..so confusing….

Jia youuuuuu… Be strong my fren…And anyway…chat with you is also strengthing me…. Thank you too…..


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