Simple question…

Yesterday I have a chat with my friend…. She asked me a simple question (in my point of view) but it’s not easy to answer it….

Her : What r u going to do, if u realize that ur heart already stucked with the one that u know doesn’t love you
Me : errr… Kinda simple question, but it’s not easy to answer it 
If I’m in that condition… hmmm… teoritically .. try to forget him, and start a life.. We can’t let our heart stucked like that….
Who knows ?? … There’s a better one than him, but becoz u still close your heart, u don’t see it.
But I know it wouldn’t be that simple 

Her : hmmm… nice suggestion, but I don’t think that will be easy…
How can I forget or neglect it, if there’re so many memories that left… If only I can control my heart n my feeling..
Me : Hix…. I couldn’t say anything about it…. Cos it’s related with the feeling, and as far as I know, feeling won’t always match with the teory… Cos so far I can’t find the right and wrong if it’s related with the feeling…. It just so hard to decide….
Let your heart lead it, and the time prove it… Good luck for you [-o

Err..actually it’s hard for me to answer it, I also don’t know whether I help her with my answer or not… Haiyaaaa…. What a feeling….
Why it’s so hard for some people to forget the one they love.

Just a thought of me….


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