What a confusing day..

Huff…after so long…i made a plan to buy a new mobile (CDMA) hahaha..since i have none, and some people suggested me to have one. Well, they told me, that it made the phone bill cheaper hahahaha…. so far i still use Matrix.. (by the time it’s getting more expensive hihihii)

So, since couple of months (months or weeks laa) i take a look for CDMA mobile… I used to look @ TA, cos there are Samsung n Nokia centre… also Sony and Motorola…
But i prefer to choose Samsung or Nokia for the mobile…

After couple of times, i decided to buy a flip (clamshell) CDMA mobile phone…dunno, it just feels like wanna have one hihihi…
1. Motorolla -> skiped…so expensive la..around 3.. nehi la yau
2. Samsung -> errr….lil bit interesting… x979 looks nice
3. Nokia -> errr interesting too 3155

so only 2 choices left…

Since yesterday i browse @ studiphp.com -> nice web..really helpfull ^o^ n great price… cheaper than other (so far…. sooo great means cheap hahaha)…
Browse about x979 or 3155 dun say the blackberry is cool…from 2 person that i ask them to see this link,they say i likethe blackberry = =’ Haiyaaa…

So after a fulllll consideration, bothering here n there (hihihi..sorry palz for asking u all hihi)…finally i decided to choose the Nokia 3155… huff…

Hope i can get it soon hihihi, cos till Saturday i can’t go… Saturday is the concert day ^o^… And there’ll be a rehearsal for today and tommorow..

yey…Get ready for the concert ^o^


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