Tiring Weekend

Huff..This weekend…totally the fullest weekend I guess…

Start from the Friday nite, there was a final rehearsal for the concert.. Say hello to my bro hihihi…

On Saturday, i take day off from my work…cos while he(my bro)’s here, so i want to ask for a help from him, to see the proper “kebaya” for the Graduation day (huuff..finally i’ve decided to take King Photo). N After that we went to Intercontinental Hotel, to see the ballroom n some of wed preparation. Then i went back to my room.

[concert time] huff huff…for me the concert was great. It was fully booked hahahhaa….around 1200people i guess..But thank God the concert ran well, very well. Then i went back (overslept in the car ^o^) around 11pm… Huff…


(another struggling with the alarm) n finally awaked
Went to the church as usual, then went to the campus for ICPC first round….(this Saturday is the final round).. I’m just a judge in this competition, there’s a system to check the answer. So i just ran it just like it said, check then answer it, whether it’s Accepted or not…

Actually i was planning to go to FF on Sunday, moreover after my friends asked “is there anyone who want to go to TA?” hohohoo….
BUT….Around 2pm i started to feel lil bit under the weather…Haiyaa…what’s wrong = =’ n it’s getting worse šŸ˜¦ So i decided not to go anywhere…. All i need is just SLEEP….

Finally around 6pm i went back… n felt like no more power n sooo tired.. So i just sleep… [directly]
BUT…something that i hate when i slept when i was so tired is….

The condition when i felt like sleep but i wasn’t sleep… But i can’t move my body. Not even my hand.. Haiya..this feeling that i hate the most, feel like no more control to my body..
I can hear the sound clearly, but i just can’t move.. = =’ This kinda sleep is a tiring sleep…make myself more tired = =’

When i tell it to my friend today about that sleep…hmm she said :Ā  there’re lot of possibilities like too tired, or stress, or overworried about something = =’
Am I ??? I just think i’m too tired… need more rest…
And for this kinda sleep (tiring sleep) I believe it just because of there’s a problem with blood circulation, not the mysthic belief about that thing…. I don’t believe it…

Anyway Thank God cos finally i decided not to go to TA..


5 thoughts on “Tiring Weekend

  1. Hahaha..udah bukan tewas lagi kali hahhhaaha….
    Renang kemaren aja udah bikin sakit lutut = =’ huuuhuhu…. gaya katak oh gaya katak…huehuehue..tapi hepiiii bisa renang hahahaha…after so long kagak setor muka ke FF

  2. Hohoho… iyaa..paling asik kalo renang…bobonya abis itu langsung pules les les ampe besok paginya….
    Kemaren2 renang 45 menit, bobonya manthaaappp…wondering kemaren ada orang latian vocal, renangnya kudu 2 jam…. Arrrggghhhh so sccaryyy

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