Clumsy Day

Saturday, June 16th , 2007

Finally yesterday I was told that I can go to JWC on 9am… (before I was told to go on 6am… once more…6am… * imagine*)… the Judge needed on 11am…. What will be happen if I went on 6am hahaha…

So because I can go on 9am, yesterday I watched “Oh Dal Ja” again haha…funny movie, till around…errr…quite long 😛 around 3 or 4 am I guess hahaha…

Kringgggg * the mobile is ringing…..

SH : I’d like to inform that I can’t go to the JWC, please inform it to other committees. My dad has passed away
Me : Hahh ??? (suddenly awake…totally awake)… Okay worries. I’m sorry to hear that.
SH : thank you.

Huff…what a surprising news in the morning… so I suddenly forward that news to others. Hmmm…the time still early, so I decide to continue my sleep…though I’m not too sleepy.
Then another call and sms about preparation for the Final Round… till finally I decide to get up and take a bath (of course) and go ^^….

@ Lab

I’m coming!!!…there’re some committee from HIMTI that already there, after a short discussion, so they go first….n I’ll be the second with some judges.

Actually I was planning to have indomie this day..for my breakfast, but 😦 there’s not enough time…so I can’t  have it.

After take care the first round to go to JWC, I go to my office room, take a lil bit rest…n drink…BUT….. I drop my bottle, and the table and some of the papers get wet… (1st) Huhuhhuhu…gotta clean it with the tissue ( I can’t find any napkin)…


Cos I haven’t have my breakfast, I decide to have milk… So I make it @ lab…

Take a glass, take the spoon, open the milk (Dancow) tube, pour it to the glass, close the tube…

(time to add some sugar) I try to open the sugar tube… BUT…. I drop my glass (2nd) and the milk falls :(…so I have to clean up this mess = =’,thank God I haven’t put the hot water in it.


Huff…what’s wrong with today….I tell my friend, “Please remind me to be carefull today…cos I lil bit clumsy for today I think…it’s been twice till now = =’ “

Before we go to the JWC, my friend asks me to help her to withdraw the money for the awards, cos she can’t take a big amount of money in a day… When I go back to the lab (to take my bag), I almost fall twice (3rd) = =’ cos the floor quite slippery… Haiyaaa….


After finish the money thing…. We go to the JWC…. BUT..when I step into the car.. ( I sit in the front) * jdug..* Haiyaa…my head (4th)


Huff…Finally we arrive at JWC on 10.30…(almost late)…Kinda thirsty…time to get drink….. * bruk…Haiya….the bottle fall (5th)… and the water comes out…huhuhu…

At least…that’s the last…. Till now hehehhee….
Just count it as a clumsy day ^^..


3 thoughts on “Clumsy Day

  1. Hohoo….sebenernya saya juga kepikir itu ci..hihi karena kurang bobo kali ya…tapiii sebelonnya perna kurang bobo lebih parah (gara² 1 litre of tears dikebut semalem :p trus kerja, trus sorena ke pameran buku ama c DE – jadi kangen – n WD hehehhe…ampe bilang, kalo gua bengong, trus ada ngomong ama orang laen, ditepok ya hihihi – takut dihipnotis – )…ga kayak ari itu de ci…. = =’
    bener2 de ari itu… Untung ga lanjut ampe malemnya :p
    – Malah malemnya ketiduran di taxi :p –

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