21 Questions..

[inspired with ci nat’s blog while c ceemot looked at it in my place, and – finally – tagged with ci wil)..

Actually i’ve seen something like this in FS BulBoard..kinda interesting to answer it…But…BulBoard seems to broad for me.. so i write it here hhihih
(hiyaa…spend several times to translate it first = =’)

Here’s my chance to answer hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

1. What is the happiest thing in the world ?
Being loved and realize it.

2. What is the saddest thing in the world ?
Realizing that I’ve lost the thing that means a lot, and realize that i (actually) can
Losing a precious thing, and realize that lost could be avoided just if.. … But it’s just late ๐Ÿ˜

3. Who is the person that influence you the most in your life ? And Why?
Hmmm there is no one…. But there are a lot ^^ Especially my family. Because they are always there, no matter what i am and how i am.(Just like what i post in my quote – F.A.M.I.L.Y)
My friends…. Cheer me up

4. What’s your dream ?
Funding my parents n i to travel abroad ^^….
StarCruise, DisneyLand, A place which has great scene…
Study n live in a better country hihii…

5. What’s the thing will make you angry the most ?
Hmmm…Being betrayed n lied i guess…
(betrayed != Lied)

6. What are your 3 desires ?
Keep giving my best.. Huff..at least still the same with couple of times a go ^^
Become a better me..and always better… never stop improving in every part of me (study, life, spiritual, language, anything deeee ^^)
Not to do the same mistakes

7. If you only have one day to live. Where do you want to spend it ?

8. What is the most important thing in this world for you ?

9. If you could only have 1 thing in the rest of your life, what would it be ?
Just Faith.

10. What’s the thing that can make you feel bore ? n what’s not ?
Make me bore :
waiting without anything that can be done.

Make me not bore :
Music ^^

11. What do you want to hear from your close friends in your funeral ?
The real me… N wish they keep remember me just like i am.
Also want to see their face when my funeral notes being read ^^ – the thing that makes me never regret..cos I’ve wrote it

12. What’s the thing that scares you ?
Being forgotten with the people that i love.
Losing my memories, no matter how bad it is, i want it to be remembered.

13. How’s the importance of money in your life ?
Important. but not the most ^^. as long as i have it whenever i need it ^^

14. How’s the importance of food in your life ?
Hmmm almost the same. Important. But not the most ^^
Without it, i could be sick. But to much of it…i could be fat sick to hihihi…

15. Who is the one that able to make you feel being loved more than anyone in your life ? And what has she/he done?
Parents (mom n dad)
Can’t imagine what they’ve did to me, till i become what i am now.

16. When do you feel inspired ? And what n whom that contributes for that? How’s your feeling when you are inspired ?
Hmmm used to be on deadline ^^…. Bad huh…
Time contributes a lot…..
My feeling ??? Of course excited hahahhaa….

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.(Douglas Adams)

17. What do you think about your physic ? Emotion? Spiritual ?
Physic : hmmm so so…need exercise more often hehhee, just to keep it healthy (the real healthy ^^). Also still trying to move the stripes to the left (smaller number of kg hahahah)
Emotion : Hmmmm so so too…
Spiritual : hmm…i thank God that i know Him n He saved me.. The rest…. I try my best to give my best for HIM.

18. How’s God’s role in your life ?
The first…and i’ll try my best to put HIM on the first ( in case i’m out of my mind ^^).

19. Who is the one that able to make you angry more than you ever imagine ? and what did he/she do ?
My self ^^
Playing with my own mind hahahhaa…. (don’t worry i;m not double personality) Just i hate when the bad of me controls my mind :p So i mad at my self ;p

20. How’s the conflict plays role in your life ? What how’s the influence on your life ?
I put it as a step stone for me. Without it, i won’t be like what i am now ^^. So it plays an important part in my life.
Teach me a lottttttt

21. Married with only one person in your life…how does it sound to you ? Why ?
That’s what i’m dreaming of ^^…Married n live with the one i love n he loves me too… Happily ever after (what a cinderella story ^^).
But i agree with it : only just one person till the end of my life…( how sweeeeet)

Huff…finally it’s finish ^^….. Zet, Lit, I tagged u ^^.


4 thoughts on “21 Questions..

  1. Hihihi, nice try.. you convert all to english. wow!
    thanks tata..

    about physical, are we the same? we need to work out more maybe?
    and abt emotion, i think you’re very calm sweety gal, neva gets angry and always in the same guilty face always! hahaha

  2. @willy : jangan tertipu sama muka inocent nya Tata… =)) hahahah.. Tata itu sangat kejam , terutama sama yang badannya lebih kecil.. contohnya : g.. sering disiksa :((

    @tata : peace yooo…. untuk no 16 itu klo Tata berubah jadi octopus ya :))

  3. @ c sakura
    Iyah hix..nasib dari awal post pake english.. (ceritanya mo belajar english gituuu) untung commentnya ga commit pake english hahaha

    @ zet
    Iya dee..abis dikau da di tag belon post post..jadi double hahahaha…

    @ c ceemot…..
    Eh coba ya…maksudna apa ituuu..daku kan ce imut yang baik hati dan tidak sombong.. hahaha… ih.. kagak nyiksa kok cii…tolong dibedakan pengusilan dan penyiksaan.. = =’

    No 16 betullll
    Kalo udah Octopus mode on itu :p
    Tapi bahayanya kalo kayak kemaren2 Octopus mode on, tapi tentakelnya lagi pada out of control, multi tasking tapi jadi bnyk salah plus tulalit ga jelas aarrrgghhh..itu bukan inspired tapi depressed.

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