Just wait and see

Huff…Today’s lesson šŸ˜€
Never stop wishing – be patient – keep trying ^^

At first I’m quite worry how to go to Karawang (to C El’s place- her mom passed away on last Monday)..Yesterday PG asked me whether i want to join or not…of course i want it šŸ˜€
Today is the last day before the funeral (tmrw 10am)

Around 2pm, PG confirm it again…then i asked the leaders whether they want to join or not…. And they want…
PG’s car only avail for 5 people only (include him)..but more people who want to go there… LS (C El’s boyfriend) also…
Till 4pm still lack of car = =’… then i just think may be it’s better if LS replaces my place @PG’s car…
Just keep try the best… may be there’ll be additional cars..

It happens ^^… now the cars are ready to pick more people…no more lack of car hihihi…so more people can go there.. There are cars from PG, DJ, SK, RA.
Yey ready to go there ^^


7 thoughts on “Just wait and see

  1. * Edit…RA ga bawa mobil tnyt :D, teritung yang ikut PG.

    Hmmmm Not only waiting without any effort loooo šŸ˜› but Wait, See, Keep trying.
    But when in the middle of try we can’t get it, never loose hope šŸ˜€
    Kayak kemaren pas cari2 mobil, yang biasa ada mobil ditodongin hihihi..tapi pada ga bisa… šŸ˜ sedih tapi ga loose hope…

    Huff…asli capek…tapi seruuu n great di sananya ^^…

  2. hahaha both…
    cari mobil cape ati, takut ga dapet (tapi untung ga jadi masuk 6 orang @ mobil PG…can’t imagine :p )
    dalem mobil cape badan hahaha..tapi akibatnya deep sleep mantep tu :p
    * karena badan lagi pegel2 sana sini, ga FF dulu ya ci hari ini :p

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