A Moment to Remember

On monday..i went to blitz by myself (after the rehearsal @ T.A)..Then a thought splash in my mind…why don’t i watch
A moment to remember ” – 내 머리 속의 지우개 (read : nae môri sokûi ji-ugae– CMIIW) …
[Updated : Finally get the meaning..
지우개 -> eraser,머리 -> head. So, the meaning is : eraser in my head – the other title for this film. ]

the movie that i wanted to watch since couple of times ago..cos in the poster, its written “the saddest movie”..So it quite made me curious ^^

Soo…around 2.30pm i arrived there, to but the tickets for Monday’s Nomat (F4) with my friends..But that movie played on 17.00 – Haiyaaa..so long = =’ So i decided to find the DVD hehehe…

Going home, looking for late lunch n early dinner n searching for the film hehehe.. And yey..i got it :p

Actually this film quite simple.. But meaningful…It reminds me with my last post about how to live as if today is my last day.
Or you realize what if you have an eraser in your head that you can’t control. Bcoz of that i suddenly inspired to write about Memory ^^..

Cos i ever wish what if i can remember all the memories in my head…start everything from the brand new day….
From that film i realize, if i lost it. It means i lost my self. I lost the memories not only the bad, but also the good.

Ow one thing…i like the words in the letter that written to her husband… (after she forgot her husband bcoz of the Alzheimer),

” Though there’s an eraser in my head, i would never forget you.
You are not part of my memory, but you are part of me.
I would never be able to forget you. Part of me, is you. 사랑 해요”

What a inspiring film 😀


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