(Silly && Clumsy)++

Thursday, June 21 2007

I have a breakfast with my friend….it’s been so long we don’t have indomie for our breakfast ^^. So when she asks me to have indomie today…I say YES!! :D…. After a deeeeeeep sleep yesterday bcos we went to Karawang.

Her : So, which indomie do u want ?? Jumbo with messed egg (read : telor aduk dunno what’s in english) my favourite menu hihi ??
Me : Hmmm i think it’s too big for me now…I’ll order “Indomie Goreng” with egg i guess 😀

Arrive @ Warung Indomie
Me : “Goreng kecil telor aduk mbak”

While we are waiting for our meals, we have a conversation.. i tell her about my clumsy day on Saturday. Plus i feel on Tuesday on my way back to ‘kost’ in Plaza hehe..
Just lil bit hut in my ankle, n thnx G no body saw it hihih.. so embarrassing laaa…. (clumsy++)

[ Then the order finish]
The girl gives me my Indomie…
Me : “Mbak tambahin aer nya lagi dong”
Then she add some water in my indomie…

* Jreng jreng….
Just right after she add it…i want to eat it….
Haiyaaaa….바보 (read : babo) means…Fool = =’….Why i ask more water in my “indomie goreng“…. (silly++)
It’s not only me who is confuse….the girl also confuse, my friend also…but they think, i might like that kinda thing….
Haiyaa..so stupid….

Then i feel it’s just the continuation of my silly days week. Yesterday, I suddenly feel lil bit hurt in my hand… (while i was in the car – on our way to Karawang)… So i ask some light to see it… N there’s a wound there (clumsy++)…dunno where it come from just suddenly it’s there…lil bit bleed… Haiya…how could = =’

These series of the silly things keep remind me to be more careful ^^

Friday, June 22 2007

I forget my wallet…so i have to go back in lunch time i guess = =’ (silly++)
Ow..i underline the friday…cos i just realize that today is Friday…. (English day in binus)…. Haiya..even i almost forget what day it is.

Jia youuuuu….. 화이팅!!!!!


4 thoughts on “(Silly && Clumsy)++

  1. jadi.. enak ga indomie goreng berkuah nya ?? 😀
    clumsy -> salah satu tanda2 orang kurang makan tu.. jadi ga konsen, karena kekurangan energy.. *hahahha.. nyambung aja yaaa…*

  2. @ ci wil..
    hahah..iya lagi in love ama korean…movie, language, scene…udah masuk list salah satu tempat yang mo diliat suatu saat hehehehe…ayo ayo ada yang berminat mendanai saya ke korea selatan?

    @ c ceemot
    Oh enak dong…buktinya abizzz…. anyway… maksudnyaaaaaaa ??? daku makan normal kok, dengan energy yang sangat berlimpah, masi kuat buat jailing cc kok..tenang tenang…ga akan dicuekin kok :p

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