Heart – Time – Distance

Huff..it’s been 3 days i guess…this flu bothering my day 😦 But today it’s getting better (i guess)…But finally after skipped 2times to go to FF (bcoz of the Flu), finally today i go there…hihihi… at least the target once a week have to be fulfilled first… Cos i can’t go in Friday n Saturday for this week.

Hmmm after couple of days didn’t update here… I just feel inspired after have a chat with my friend about her thought, about my thought, so we could share a thought together ^^

Hmm still about love i guess….She’s still on her (long) recovery process i guess… She told me that, every time she watches the film, or hears a speech or anything for not giving up. Those things make her remind to him more (haiyaaaa… why don’t it leads her to start a new life, forget the past behind then have a life palz…. ) n something weird, she even don’t understand whether she’s waiting for him or not…just can’t forget him that easy… but already forgive him (huff…at least already forgive it’s a good step i guess)

So she asked me about opening our heart…. Cos in her thought, if she opens her heart, then it would be better for her. It might help her for not to think too much about him anymore, yeah….just act like a friend…a real friend.. (though it might be not easy to be a close friend). At least, think n act like a friend…just friend… May be that thing can be reached by opening her heart.

Hmmm nice thought my friend, open our heart might be a good way… cos by opening our heart, might means the person already forgiven but not forgotten.

But then a simple (but hard) question came from her… How to open my heart, while i feel like my heart still stuck on him? How not to get stuck like this?

Errr….anoooo….etooo….. errr…. (haiya..how to answer this kinda question)… all i can say just…just let the time takes it’s part to heal you… may be by the time you’ll find the better one, the one whom can you trust your heart again. Just take the time…
Cos i do really don’t know about how to answer her question 😦 i wish i could really help her… well yaaa i know may be my answer didn’t really answer her question (i don’t think i answer hers)… Cos i do really don’t know the answer 😦
It ‘s kinda hard… her heart still stuck on him..while his heart (may be…just hope so) belongs to others…haiyaaa..what a complicated love problem – -‘

After have a chat with her.. i just remember the preacher said on Sunday… it’s about the Distance…

Shorter distance doesn’t guarantee you will understand better.
The people that far away from you…the people that you just see couple of times, might be understand n know you better than the people around you…
The preacher gave the example about the people around Jesus…
– His disciples that used to be close to Him, even John ( the one who baptized Him) doubt on Him… Also His disciples when the storm strike on them in the middle of the sea… They questioning… “Who are You??”
– The woman and the soldier… the people that even never see Him, just hear about Him. Have bigger faith than His disciples
So..the distance isn’t a guarantee that you will know n understand someone better. It might be after separated by the distance, we feel the lost, then we realize the importance of someone that used to be around us.

What a human…sometime have to feel lost first, to realize how importance it is…
Jia youuu my fren…. I believe you can pass this test… Just let the time shows it’s power to heal you ^^
I might be can’t solve her problem, but i’ll do my best to help her… huff…. ^^


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