6 Weird Things

Haiyaaa….Got tagged with ci wil which means…a new homework..huff huff…

Very simple and short question..BUT…very hard to answer it… 1 question for 6 answers and need time to answer it hihihi… Okay..start to do my homework now….
“Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write a post of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.”

Hmmmm 6 weird things about me huh….actually i’m quite weird at all i think hahahhaa…..
Hmmm i’m writing it not only from my point of view, but also from my friends (since some of them told me that it’s weird hahahaha)

[ so hard to start the number one…inspiration…inspiration…. i summon you… Weirdo weirdo things…. i call you out…..]

1. Playing with my own mind [my own opinion]
Hmm i use to say talk with my self…about this and that..what if i like this and that…. 바보 huh…..
BUT…even if i know it’s a fool, i’m enjoying it hihihi… [wait..i’m not a double personality..nor triple, or more…] Just enjoying it talking with my self.. laughing at my foulness… Letting the evil n the angel side of me, fighting playing in my head ^^
Hmm by this, i can learn about me more hihihi…
[Anyway it’s the real me who write it now…not the angel, nor the evil ^^]

2. Still dunno alot about galz things [my own opinion…cos i compared with others ^^]
Hmmm….in my age… err… let say may be bcoz i am was soooo tomboy [hey it’s English word hihi.. i thought it’s an Indonesian word ^^- already checked in Pocket Oxford Dictionary ^^] and i only have one older brother…n lil bit tomboyish mom hihi [hey gotta grateful bcoz of it…cos i could played extreme games in Bali hihih.. Not every mom will do it i think..Thnx Mom]
So…when i have quite girl friends than boy [used to have more boyfriends than gal before ^^]… i learn a lot…
Anyway…the biggest change was after c wil’s wedding i guess hahaha…. know what… the salon cut off my eyebrow quite a lot… n i got panic after i was home hahahha [it was real panic…. imagine i lost my eyebrow a lot… how can i go to work for the next day….Arrrghhh…desperadoo….] …can’t forget that…. [thank God there was a friend who can be called to borrow the pencil for the eyebrow hahaha] … for about 2 weeks i guess…every morning playing with the pencil… ask here n there about how to using it hahaha…wierdo me = =’ almost 23years on that day..but dunno about those things hahahha… [make me smile when remind about that ^^]
Anyway..thanks to Ci wil too hahaa… for being a part of my transformation huahuahuha….
* transformation mode on…. I’m more feminine than before loooooo [ Thanks Palzzz ]
[shame on me = = ‘ ]

3. Making my funeral note [this is my friend’s opinion]
Err..dun remember what’s the trigger for it at first…But i started to write it couple of times ago…. [mid of last year]
Just feel like…err… i want my family, the person i love, my friends, anybody to know how thankful i am to have them in my life…and i want it to be read in my funeral…
Hihihi.. Weird huh??
My friend said…”from all my friends, this is the first time i hear about it…you’re so weird”
Hihi..just let it be la…i’m enjoying it…n keep updating it… ^^ no body knows what will happen rite ??

4.Keep on thinking today is my last day [my own opinion…related with no.3 i guess]
Hmmm may be i’m inspired with the film “1 Litre of Tears” Hihihi…to see her struggle to fight her disease, sleep with the risk, she won’t be wake up again…. What an inspiring movie ^^…
So… i keep on thinking today is the last day… What if tmrw i won’t be able to do this and that again ? What if tmrw i won’t be here again ? What if i can’t remember anything again? [errr…. i think this one of effect of too much watching movie tooo hihihi…But let me take the good side of it ^^…Prepare for all of it well before ^^]
Hmm if i can’t remember anything again [of course i don’t want it laaa] But just if… hmmm… this thing that pushes me to keep on writing on my diary n here ^^ So i can read my past, i can read my thoughts again. So i can learn from my mistakes. I can see…how silly i was hihihi….
Hmm What if today is my last day…..I’ll be surely answer that… If tmrw i’m not here again, then I’m in heaven 😀 … Cos i have saved and i won’t be regret for my life…
I might made mistakes, but I’m learning from it… I’ve poured what i feel, what i think.
This [weird] thoughts that keep pushing me to do my best everyday…without it…errr…dunno what will i be hihi.. weirdo huh???

Haiya…. till number 4, the inspiration keep flowing….
[ inspiration..inspiration… i summon you again…. C wil…this Homework so hard laaa = =’…]
[ Dear memory, i call you back………..what’s next…. ]
(after think about 15 minutes = =’)

5. Too much think n detail [ i guess ]
After a day passed … i just think about it again…and i think the number 5 n 6 are more like my weakness than my weirdo i guess, since yesterday i was so lack of idea… Finally the idea comes up this afternoon ahahhaha coincidently

5. My eating style ^ ^ (my friend’s opinion)
Some of my friends said my eating style when i’m eating the noodle quite weird… actually i did this since i was at school.. Hihih.. .I put the fork in the right and spoon in the left (wait… i’m not left handed)
Start to take the noodle with the fork, then swirl it till the end of the noodle, while the spoon hold the noodle for not letting go hihihi… while i swirl it, i blow it…. so it won’t be hot anymore…
Also when i eat crunchy2 [fried] thing…. like “maling” hihi.. i used to save the best for last…. which is i eat the side of if (which is the crunchiest hihihi)

[ Finally i found one weirdo of me hihihi]

[ think think…. from life….work… study…what else my weirdo??? ]

(spend another 15 minutes = =’)

I think it’s going to lead to my weakness… no more ideaaaa = =’ stuck with the weirdo weirdo things… Anything to finish this post….. numero six….

6. Easily influenced inspired (my own opinion)

6. The way i’m using the tissue (my own opinion)
I used to torn it (for facial tissue….) in to two…then i use the half of it first….
Hmmm i think this habit is coming from my home hihihi… Since i live in a place who sell the food (small restaurant) i think i was taught not to waste something for nothing… Save everything you can save ^^

[ finishing update my weirdos ^^ Sorry for the miss post before ]

Huff..finally…so far this is the longest time spent for a post…. Anyway…just realize it..it’s a long post tooo hihihi…

It’s time to tag others huahuahuahua…. Be Prepared huahuauha..Time to revenge ^^
1. YZ. Hihihi it’s your time ^^
2. Elit. Answer it on English loo ^^
3. C ceemot. errr…. since i haven’t see c ceemot’s post, n haven’t see anybody tagged her…so i tag her laa… If you’re tagged twice. Then double it okay huahuahuahuau….
4. AV. ..dunno whose else to be tagged hihihi…since he has the web, so i tag u la… have to be reply okay ??
5. C hen… Though you dun like to write….I’ll show you someday hihi…then answer it hihi Okay ???
6. C Lu. Since you’re the one who read the post about question, together with c Hen hihihi…n answer it directly…so I tag u hahaha…

For those who haven’t blogging might answer it in my comment hihihi….
Gotcha….. Time to watch Hello Miss (헬로 애기씨) sleep…. Gotta have free [Vit F is really health hahaha] brunch today @ Permata Hijau with colleagues hihihi…
Thank God it’s weekend hihi, so no special menu for diet …. huahuahua i like weekend…
I miss Pizzaaaaaaaaa * Slluuuurp* Wait for me this Sunday ^^


12 thoughts on “6 Weird Things

  1. hayaku desu ne.. un, subarashii yo anata wa.
    woke up and found this posting, thanks.. but why i dizzy seeing the character like ‘sapu lidi’.. oh my.. kekekekeke..

    really? i never knew abt the eyebrow.. hahaha, wanna see the feminime tata..
    what I knew, everyone was asking me about who you’re b’coz you’re eyecatchy pretty. 😀 so,photo please.. wanna see the updated version of tata. kekeke

  2. 6 weird things of me = =’
    for God sake, never did this before.. I’m not a blogger =)) hehe…
    but since she’s already tagged me, here I am with my “homework” 😛 hehehe….

    1. Full of imagination
    hm… yes… If I have nothing to do, I’ll always imagine something (some good, some bad, some “you know lha.. ;))”)
    I know it’s not good for my brain, but who cares?? I’m the pisces man rite?? 😛 hehee…

    2. Can’t control my emotion T_T -> is it weird?
    this is so terrible, I can turn into ‘something’ you haven’t seen in me =))
    no explanation for this, but if you want to test it just try to slap my face, I’ll say “emotion on” -> like “flame on” in the fantastic 4 😛

    3. Lazy
    Yeah… Even I know that I’m so lazy, I still can’t control it.. Once I don’t like something, or some job, I won’t do it perfectly..
    So I really need to find a very good job (for work), or subject (if I need to take so master degree =)) )

    4. I’m the bone destroyer
    Wakakaka… Shocked enough?? 😀 the simple thing is, you give me I drum stick I’ll clean them up.

    5. [Don’t know what the subject is, just read the explanation below 😛 hehehe..]
    Sometimes I don’t want to lie when someone ask me a question, n usually my answer is not clear enough 😛
    for example:
    x: Do you love sandra (just a fantasy)?
    me: I love my mom… (Doesn’t mean that I love sandra)

    it just a very simple example, coz I can’t think anything except this very simple example 😛 hehehe…

    6. Actor???
    Martha said that I really have a great talent for it 😛 n actually it’s not only her, lot of my friends say the same thing.
    I don’t know how or where I learn it.. It just come over me 😀 hehehe… And because of it, most people hard to believe me
    when I tell something seriously, they don’t know whether I lie or not =)) => even my ex girlfriend said so too =))

    ps: for all the reader, it’s the 7th weird things of me: my english is weird =)) wekekekkee…..

  3. wew…. sorry to post it here… coz my site is not a blog =)) hehehe…. and sorry for cheat (give the 7th weird of me) hehehe

  4. @tata : g uda ditag ce Nat loh, tega nian dikau suru g kerjain dua kalee.. ngomong2 semua orang uda lu borong tag, g musti tag sapa ya :))

    @willy : you should wait until her graduation day :)) she will be wearing nice “kebaya” & high heels (7 cms lohhh) for her shoes.. hihihi.. you won’t recognize her as our-known-Tata 😀

    @av : so, do you love T**A ?

  5. Akhirnya da balik dari buffet dimsum dengan vit G hahaha… kenyang boooo

    @ Ci wil…
    Err… “hayaku desu ne.. un, subarashii yo anata wa.” means??? daku coba artiin pelan2. hayaku -> cepet, subarashii -> splendid/good…
    Tebakanku : cepet juga. nice posting (halah pd banget seee)…
    benerkah itu ???
    hihi sapu lidinya lebih enak n cepet dipelajarin daripada hiragana+katakana+kanji… arrghh… hatiku sedang beralih, dari japanese ke korean hihihi…

    Huahuahua.. i’m so flattered with your comment huahuahua… * wondering… * bole dong cengar cengir dulu, walopun da di kongekin yang laen huahuahua… Thnx anyway..

    Huahua… feminine in this time just bcoz of the longer hair i guess hahaha…

    @ AV
    Hihih thank you…haiya..not weird on ur english laa (singlish mode).. the more we practice, the betther it is. isn’t it? ^^

    @ c ceemot
    Huahuhuaa… abis puyeng cari orang yang bisa di tag-in hihihi… n daku tak bisa buka web nya c nat si..jadi tak ada bukti ^^
    Huaaa… wish me luck for the graduation day… kinda scary = =’ tapi ga ada salahnya dicoba juga huahuaha…. for every transformation need a step to start it hauhuahua…

  6. 1. I’m the first Baliness M***** who graduated the master study in Indonesia (or in the world?)

    I think u should put it on your first…. hahaha.. *kidding*
    well… when I read c Wil’s post, I know it will come to me this week.. Luckily, the starter didn’t put this magic word (If u don’t post it in 5 mins, you get bad luck… bla bla blaa…) LoL

  7. huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………….. susah !

    6 weird things about yz :
    1. yz aneh
    2. rambut yz aneh
    3. kaki yz aneh
    4. cara mikir yz aneh
    5. gaya yz aneh
    6. emang semua nya aneh.. \:D/

  8. @ lit..
    hmm emang susa kalo punya fans kayak loe…tau gua banget deee wekekeke
    Ayo loo…kalo ga posting ampe akhir minggu u wil…. errr…. my debt will be dissapear hahaha… * iya nyadar gua masi utang transformer kemaren = =’

    @ yz…
    Huahuahua zet…yang no 1 udah masuk rekursif…
    6 weird things about me :
    1. i’m weird… -> balik lagi ke no 1… what is the weird thing about you… ketemu no 1 lagi muter lagi ^^ huauhahua…

    Maklum ini lagi geloo…hari ini multitasking ga kira2…. layar ym betebaran pada tanya topik beda²… Huff huff..bener2 octopus mode on…

  9. @ceemot : mo ngajak perang neh ya?? = =’ gw acak2 blog lo ah… ;)) kekekekeke (let’s the battle begin =)) tuh gw over imagination lagi)

    @tata : yeps, u’re rite… after I re-read my post, I think it’s cool enough b-) wekekekekek => 8th weird of me T_T

    @cumi : u should change ur nickname to squid, cum2, cumi2 or something like that 😀 hehehe… if you don’t reply my comment in 5 minutes, u’ll be more squid than the most squid u’ve ever met 😀 =))

    @yz : eh?? sejak kapan kaki lo jadi aneh z?? bukannya dulu yang aneh itu muka datar ya?? 😛 hehe

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