Excercise can be done anywhere ^^

July 5th 07 (Thursday)

Hmmm actually i’m planning to go to FF today, after postponed it since 2 days before.

Well..there’s still an assignment that has to be done soon, but since it’s been 2 days postpone the FF, n i think i won’t be able to go there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday… So to fulfill at least once a week, i need to go there today…

Around 7.30pm I ask my friend whether we’ll go or not and she said okay..so I just prepare my self out of the office ^^… then take the money for next day. Then..arrive at her office…it’s been around 8pm hihihi…err…quite late.. So how ??

Hmmm…think tit and bit…here n then… go or not go… go or not go… Finally it’s decided hihih..we’re not going to FF hihhi..quite late…Then she offers me… Hmm do u want to have an exercise ? Do you want to help me to refill my drink.. (a galoon of Aqua).. hihihi… hmm not a bad idea :p so I help her to change the galoon for the dispenser… (exercise starts)

Then she has a late dinner, and i…. I have a glass of coffe hihii..to prepare my self to finish the assignment (for ASC actually..it’s been bothering my mind for this week 😦 ).

Back to my room…hmm quite messy… n tomorrow, my parents n my bro will come.. (hohoho for my grad and his engagement).. what if they decide to look up my room… OMG… it can’t be like this…

Sooooooo the exercise go on ^^. I clean up my room, put the things in its place.. .huff huff…what an express cleaning ^^… to prepare just if the big boss will come here… what will happen if I don’t clean it up huahuauha… (I might be asked to go back I guess ^^.. haiya..how could a young girl has this messy room like this…* suddenly my mom’s face pictured on my mind…) hohoho..dont wanna something like that happen, so whether they’ll come or not..just prepare for the worst la… (okay..so the main purpose for this thing actually to save my self..not to excersice hihi)

Since tomorrow is H-1, suddenly the thing comes to my mind…what if you’re getting fatter..and your clothes won’t be fit again..Remember..this week…you haven’t go to FF rite ?? (hahaha…what a fool thought…but dunno..i just follow that thought ^^) So the exercise go on with sit up before sleep hihhi…. Of course I spare some minutes after it to really go to sleep ^^ (cos I read on magazine, it’s not right to have an exercise before sleep)

So today…even though I’m not going to FF, but there’s still some exercises that I do hihi.. so no problemo with that… exercise can be done anywhere and anytime (as long as I want it hauahhua – this is the hardest one ^^) And I don’t continuate my assignment hihhi..to sleepy = =’ anyway..that coffe has no effect… 😦


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