It’s the G-Day

July 7th 2007

It’s my day off again ^^ I wake up around 8am(with my lovely alarm of course hihih) … cos I have to go to the hotel again and go to the King. I have a great breakfast today…nasi uduk with the Krupuk huahuaa… (Piggy krupuk anyway…it’s one of Balinese unique meals ^^) Then continue to go to King… Jreng jreng… it’s time… I have to take a queue before the make up starts. Take the’s 77 hihihi… perfect number huh?? Day 7, month 7, year 2007 and queue number 77 ^^. For more eyebrow tragedy hihhii…I’ve prepared it ^^

The staff changes me to the other me hahaha…nice one…(at least that’s what my bro says hahaha) I take off my watch and wear my new anklet bracelet from my friend (heheh thank u ci ^^) it fits in my hand looo ^^ and wear my clothes… huff..finally.

We wait quite long to take a family foto.. Click Click… another personal click…Just flashing back to previous graduation day…

It’s the same event (graduation) it just different condition (it’s only me and my fam now…) and different treatment.. (because I don’t know when we’ll have a family photo again… so I’ll make it better from before…that’s why I decided to take a family photo @King now… it has to be better than previous graduation… ^^ and it is.. Thank God)

After finish from King, we have a lunch @bakmi GM.. Haiya..i have to go there with my clothes and new me hahah.. Just not confidence enough to show up with this condition = =’ (photoooo ?? hohoho no photo here la ^^…anyway the king says it will be finish on August ^^)…so just imagine the new me..with a better looking me huahuahua… (so embarassing = =’)

After our lunch we go to buy the fruits for tommorow (my bro engagement) it’s a very tight schedule… guess what… we go from Hayam Wuruk on 15.45, while it’s announced before to be in JCC before 16…so 15 minutes from hayam wuruk to JCC… will we make it??? Well…I just pray.. I wish we could make it… and if it’s not…well..may be I just loose my graduation ceremony… but I don’t regret it..cos I’ve already have a great time, great pic with my family…so I just prepare my self for the worst… if it’s happen, I won’t be sad nor angry… but my mom still bla bla bla… ( in tipically laaa…)…

16.00 we arrive there on time huahahua…really 16.00…what a huff…. Dunno how to express my grateful to You ^^ at least I won’t miss the ceremony… Thank God…

I meet lot of friends there…. Friends from Lab, class… just feel great..finally this day is coming hihhi… and my fam is here ^^

On the ceremony… (Eh Nung, I hear it when your name called, but I can’t see you clearly hihii) Haiya..they call my name unperfectly = =’…but..who cares la just a name… and my last name is quite unique for some people to spell it I guess…so just let it be la hihhi…

Not much story in the graduation process…we just take a picture (since I don’t have any cam hihihi, so most of it in my friends’s cam of course.. and my mom’s cam… we’re using manual cam looo… Hohoho… with negative film in it ^^ hohhoho… at least it’s usefull…rite…so no matter what cam is it, as long as it works well, then it’s enough ^^ cos that’s its main function ^^)

Huff..finally we made it… I take pictures with my friends…also my my thesis group (yo galzz…finally hihihhi..thnx to Mel n Ayu).

After it all, we have dinner @Platinum…It meansssssss go to TA with that clothes 😦 and make up…huhuhu…have not enough confidence to rise up my head khukhu…what’s wrong with me la… = =’ We order : Chick Cord Blue (my Bro), Chick Mozarella (Me), Chick Teriyaki (dad), Calamari asam manis (my friend), and i order 1 Ice Tea also 1 Tropical Punch I’m totally thirsty = =’ thank God the dinner runs well hihhi..then I go back to my place (oit I’ve changed before I go I can walk around Binus savely hihihi)…

After it’s time to clean me up… huff huff..the hardest part from it is to clean it up… my face…huff huff… it takes almost an hour to finish it.. and imagine there are 15 “jepit”s in my hair… hoho at least I get additional 15 for me now hahaha… still have to clean up my face.. Huff.. I think I need to get use with it… so I need to learn to get used with it…

While I’m cleaning it up, I turn on my lappie, and try to get online (it’s been 2 days without it hihhi – hohhoho start to be online addictied now ?!?!?!? ) and I have a chat with some friends…. Including my best friend and she has new case.. (will be written as separated post of course) after it all, today will be a great sleep… ^^

Thank God for everything ^^
Thank God for the family
Thank God for the friends…Just Thank You.


5 thoughts on “It’s the G-Day

  1. huahaua… makasi makasi..ayo lit segera menyusul…huehueue… jangan nung…ntar kalo difoto dari berbagai angle, kasian yang motonya, bisa shock berkali kali :p

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