Pale Face . . .

When I am on my plan to buy Woods Peppermint (for my throat), I’m looking for the blue Woods syrup (It said for productive cough – read : “batuk berdahak“) So I ask the storekeeper in that store @ Hj.Senin,

Me : Do you have Woods syrup for cough ?
Him : Hmm it supposed to be around here. (he shows me the place)
Are you okay ? Or you’re sick ? Cos you look so pale
Me : (whatttt???? Even the storekeeper says I’m pale today??? OMG)
Ooo just a lil flu… (The blue woods isn’t there = =’)
Hmmm I’ll take the Green Panadol then (For flu and cold)

Okay, this is the third day… some people say I’m so pale. Hmmm in my mind, may be it just the cummulation after couple of days (since Thursday or may be Wednesday – when I tried to finish the ASC assignment – until Sunday) being so tired. But.. am I that pale ?

On Monday,
Meeting @Depnaker, I was so tired, and also sleepy haha.. so I slept on our way there (thank God we went there by taxi ^^). In the meeting, I asked a help from my friend to keep me awake…I was sooo sleepy.. After the meeting we went back to our campus.. And on our way back I slept again hihihi.. (is it count as a sleep on a work time? So sorry lo, I do really need it, and I think a have a fast deep sleep…Yummy hihi.. )  

At campus, some of colleagues said, “You look so pale, are you okay”. Me ??? still hatchi hatchi… * sroooottt * Well yeah..i got flu.. It’s normal I get flu, because I’m too tired and lil bit lack of sleep I guess (but am I that pale??) Just a flu laa…

At night I still sleep late, cos rush for my exam marking… the deadline on Tuesday, so I have to finish it fast… But I’ve took Inza before I slept.

On Tuesday
Hmmm some meetings still wait, in the morning I tried to finish the exam marking. Some of my colleagues said, “you look worse than yesterday” (Boing…am I that worse ??) While we had meeting, I still marking the exam (thnx to the PIC of this meeting for allowing me having marking in the meeting hihi, and finally I finished it ^^ Yey)…

In the middle of meeting my friend said, “I think you really really need to go home earlier.. you look sooo pale, your lips and eyes show it”

* plak plak..hitting my own cheek to make it lil bit red. So no more pale face ^^ (Lit.. I know you’ve been waiting for this, it’s a pity you weren’t there that time hihihi)

(Haiyaa…I still have to entry the score for the students, today is the deadline)

4.30pm…another meeting that had to be attended

Thank God the meeting ran well, till around 7pm (*duk… for the late lecturer who came soooo late) and I still have to entry the score… So I continue it..

A friend of mine that knows that I’m lil bit ill, sent me a message through YM asking about my flu… and keep remind me to take care of my self first than others.. Thnx friend ^ ^. I’ll take care of it after I finish my deadline, that’s what I promised you ^ ^

Another friend come… OMG… “you look sooo pale, worse that yesterday… see..your lips darker( many times I’ve heard that…thank you palz..but there’s still a deadline I have to finish)… so I’m going to prepare my self to get sick these 2 days.. (hohoho… weird huh.. prepare for my own sick). And finally I finished the entry process.. to ensure my friend I won’t sleep late again, I left my laptop I won’t be able to do anything @my room… So I went back, took Inza again (actually I was looking for Woods, but I couldn’t find it) and slept ^ o ^

 “Sorry, I can’t be on time for today, I think I need lil bit more time to take a rest. But I’ll come before lunch. Thank you.”

I send a sms to my boss, to inform my condition, feel lil bit cold in the morning, so I decide to sleep lil bit more… just to be better.

I arrive at campus err…around 11am I guess… hohoho.. I really enjoy the warmth of the sunshine in that time (though it’s not morning anymore).. so warm hihih… then I ask my friend, “ do I look so pale again?” and she says.. “ hmm better than yest, but still look pale” = =’  (*plak plak…. Hit my own cheek again to make it red hihih..but of course not so hard laaaa….i think I should use blush on huahuahua… )

Well….at least she says better looooo huehehue.. so today is better than yesterday.. Yeay…. Hope no more pale face for tomorrow [-o<

Time to get sleep ^^..(forget to buy Inza.. but I’ve took Woods before ^ ^)


4 thoughts on “Pale Face . . .

  1. makanyaaaa makan yang banyakkkk
    biar ga pucett… salah sapa makan dikit2 mulu..
    kekurangan energi d..
    jadi gampang sakit.. jadi pucettt.. heheheh..

    da sembuh blom ??

    *sendiri sakit, ngomelin orang.. hahah*

  2. Huahuaua..da makan banyak kok (jk diliat dari porsi sebelonnya) selama sakit, makan banyak, ttg timbangan itu urusan abis sembuh ntar huahuaha… (untung belon naek sadiz lagi hihi)
    Yeee…itu normal kali ciii ga dikit…
    Sudah dong, sampe saat ini kagak ada yang bilang pale lagi huahua… See…da sembuh (selaen flu nya)

    Iya..kalo sakit jangan makan es ciiiiiiiiii * jitak jitak… *

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