My Junior High


The first time i enrolled to my Junior High, it’s a public school (not a private school, actually in Dps, public school is better than private school in that time, and of course cheaper hahaha)
while other accompanied with their parents, i remember, i went there alone 😦 khu khu khu.. (hmm i’ve been independent since i was kid hihihihi, just realize it now.. though i envy with those who accompanied with their parents hihihi )
I was going to my school by “bemo” i should walk couple of meter from the “bemo” stop (it’s in Puputan Badung field)

I was in 1-E that time… and i had a noon class (from around 11 till 5pm) (because lack of school room, so the schedule was divided to morning and noon class) while my bro had the morning class..

I like the sport lesson, except the 2.4Km part 😦 i hate it.. i had to run for about 2.4Km. The most favorite is (of course) swimming hehehe, the others, hmm like “floor gymnastic”(is it the rite translation for “senam lantai??” CMIIW please) i like it hihi..jump over the stacked box hihii… (let say i’ve been so tomboy)

That moment, Karang was our class leader and Praja was the co-leader, we have to line up before we got in.
The class started with “Tri Sandhya” – a balinese prayer -, the others pray with our own belief.

The best moment i remember, when i had History class with Mrs.Rinten – still remember her ^^-. I sat right in front of teacher desk with Loh Ade (my elementary friend too ^^). She had a very long hair.
That day, we played a little, cos too boring with all the Pithecantropus things… She was playing with her hair, then i asked her, “Hey, try to model your hair like Sailormoon, may be it will be great”, then she tried to model her hair… *ter puter puter…*
Then suddenly Mrs. Rinten saw us… *jdug* Her hands still on her hair… Oppss..sorry Mis.. hihihi… we laughed together ^^

Hmmm…at least i remember that i sat in front of the teacher desk..

All of us have the same class till the 3rd grade,so we’re quite know each other…

2nd Grade…
I was asked to join BasketBall team at school with Mr.Made, (well yeah..i was quite tall in that age).. I had routine exercise @GOR, actually i wasn’t the first player… i was just nothing, as i remember, i didn’t have any close friend in that team. If it’s not because of Mr.Made, i don’t think i’ll join that *highclass* team = =’
What i remember the most is, there was a time when i had an exercise @Gor. There’s a girl (my senior) who wanted to pass the ball, but when she saw me, she passed it to other girls (a friend of her) and said “Err, that’s a newbie, i don’t think she can play” Khu khu… but let it be laaa… no worries about that, anyway i didn’t dream to be one of them..

(Ii remember Popular – a serial movie – one of my fav one ^^ really represent what happens in school. There’s a popular group and unpopular one hihiih)

I just join that team for 1 year…

3rd grade..

I’ve became a senior, but there’s nothing special in me ^^, I just joined the “mading” team @school under Mrs.Femi team. But i don’t feel any special of it…

In this grade i had a new friend called Diana – a new student from Jkt i guess , sorry di i forgot where did you come from hihi -. I used to play basketball at her house after school.
There’s also Wahyu who really great at drawing…

Oww..there’s a lesson that i didn’t like, that was drawing… I had to draw lot of Balinese picture…so hard and need a detail person.. i’m not one of it = =’
Plus Balinese language = =’ huff..what i like from this lesson was Balinese alphabet (anacaraka) only. The rest… So harddd 😦
Hmmm.. i don’t think lot of students know me i guess ^^ and also me, i don’t think i know lot of them..

In my class there were 3 girls will raise her face if one name was called, that was Wulan… There are 3 girls which contains wulan in their name… Well you know, Balinese people has a long name but unique ^^

I remember Risana and Santi, my friends which has a close birthday with me ^^. I and Risana used to accompany Santi talked about her condition.. under a big tree in front of our school ^^.

I remember Manik, Okto, P Di, Inten, 3 Wulans ^^, Kusuma (the fat one ^^), Agus, wawan errr….can’t remember well again 😦 Hey…i remember boys name more than girls hihihi.. in my class
Ninin n christine which still my best friend till junior high. Ninin in H class, and christine in G class.

I miss you all my friends… Wish we can meet again while i’m going back this year ^^ (i’ll try my best to go home this year ^^)

* Anyway it’s time to go back first hihhi… Kinda sleepy (:|


6 thoughts on “My Junior High

  1. Yo i… kayaknya tiap sekolah selalu ada group yang waaa (baca : elite) -nya gitu ya… untung de jadi yang normal2 aja… ordinary gal aja de :p
    Anung sendiri dulu gimana hayooooo ?

  2. Waaa…ternyata mirip, pas SD tiap ulangan n PR ada kudu ttd ortu (jadi inget² dulu perna palsuin ttd ga ya….yah lupa de… muhun maap kalo ada wekeke)
    Kejadian yang keinget pas SD => pereksa kuku tangan before masuk kelas hihihi… lucu jgua kalo diinget²

  3. haha, ternyata di kota2 laen jg sama yaaa pake tanda tangan gitu…
    tp kyknya skul g dulu, cuma yg nilainya jelek aja yg disuruh ttd…. *untung ga pernah kena* tp kyknya itu SD doang d…

    smp adalah masa jayakuuuuuuuuuu….. huahahhahaa…. trophy, scholarship… numpang sombong benter ta… hahaha…

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