My Kindergarten and Elementary

Flash back processing..

Hmm…What do i remember about my childhood…

Okay, my kindergarten and elementary school is the same school like my brother, my older cousin that older than me around 10 years i guess… Uniquely, we were taught with the same teacher… with the same story about those teacher (imagine that???)

Hmm what i remember from my Kindergarten is there was a teacher named Bu Djati, very patient one, and there was a boy that was very naughty named Daniel (he lived around Renon)
Mom said, i was enrolled earlier than others cos i’ve been soo naughty, so better be i was enrolled to the school, so i won’t ruin my parents hahaha… n also i like to see my bro to go to school (that’s what she said ^^)
The rest..hmm kinda hard to remember, I just remember there’s a picture of me (with kindergarten uniform) n my bro (with his elementary uniform) in front of our small restaurant (which is also our home ^^.. – “ruko” in Indonesian)

My elementary

Hmm still at the same school.. o i remember the name of the head school, it was Mrs.Sumini.. I can’t remember all the teacher’s name.. let me try :
First grade : (can’t remember anything than a routine ceremony every Monday morning) i even can’t remember whether i was in 1A or 1B = =’ Poor me
Second grade : err.. there was Mrs.Suan.. the teacher that lived around Gn.Agung street. She was the coordinator of the boyscout and girl scout at school. (i’m not one of it hihihi). My friend said, she’s become a head school now..
Third grade : err… biiiippppp memory lost…. may be i was in 3A, but can’t remember it well 😦 I think i started to have swimming course in this grade (cos i was veryyy fat and dark ^^)
Fourth grade : Hmmm i remember the teacher named Mr.Made with his mustache hahaha. I also remember Bu Wahyu lil bit…
Fifth grade : the one that i remember the best i guess ^^.. Mrs. Lusi.. (i miss her..), with her very discipline way when she taught us (even my older cousin told about it too ^^) also there’s Bu Asih, Bu Siti (the closest teacher i guess ^^). I was at 5A
Every day, there was a quiz, the one who can’t answer it, have to stay till we could answer it correctly.. I used to be late for home because of it ^^ (I think in this time me and my FS friend that i told before go home together)
There was a time when i have to have dancing lesson (Balinese dancing – the one i hate the most) But because of the wound in my knee (i fell from bicycle) so i didn’t have to go to Dancing lesson hihihi… and i followed Mrs.Lusi quiz
O i remember i used to stay in front of the store (forgot the name) near my school. Bought some ice cream hihihi..
I remember i get closed with my friends in this grade like Ninin, Mia, Ririn (the one who used to play rollerblade @ Renon ^^), Lila (we went to swim at her house ^^) and others
Sixth grade : hmm the last grade, we had a closing performance. I played the keyboard, Ratih was the MC the others played “recorder”, “pianika” and also sang several songs.. i can’t remember it well 😦
There was a time when we cooked/brought several foods from home, to be showed at class. The displayed of the meals also marked i guess.. (haiya why i can’t remember it well 😦 )

There are several friends that i remember (beside that i’ve said above) like Gus satria, Gung Anik, Intan, Anton, Liana with Sisi (both of you always seen together ^^), Rahajeng (the one who really brilliant and also good at swim), Fajar, Githa, Wawan, Putu, Stephen, Yudi, Wulan, Melissa, Nanda, Victor, Dody, Gus Manik, Miranti, huff..can’t remember again 😦 sorry palz…

Oww..everytime we have sport lesson, we have to walk from our school to renon.. huff..quite far.. (if i think of it now hihi, i don’t think i’m able to do it now ^^) we passed a small river, very narrow road, passed the rice terrace (thnx to zet for helping me translate it hahaha)
aarghh. i even forgot the name of my school’s street, is it Hayam Wuruk Street ??? Errr…still unsure with it 😦

Hmm nothing special in my elementary n kindergarten.. the best rank that i ever got i think 11th hahaha… i’m not a clever student ^^.


6 thoughts on “My Kindergarten and Elementary

  1. cantik dan imutttttttttt ??
    shock ampe ga bisa nafas 3 menit…

    ta.. i think u should scan and post your “sammo”-childhood photo… hahhaha.. let other evaluate it.. hahaha i think it was taken in your kindergarten/elementary grade, rite?

  2. Huahuahua..unfortunately, i can’t do it welll i dont have it anymore anyway hihhi.. (well i think u know who hold it then ^^) …
    Lagian kalo tu foto kepampang di sini susa litt…ntar makin banyak yang kira gua samo kecil, diminta maen pilem kan susa =))
    Hmmm itu SD around 4th grade hahahhaa…. keren kannnnnn

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