Where does my memory go?

나의 기억… (read : naûi [my] kiôk[memory] which means My Memory.. )

It is triggered with FS actually…

Yesterday, I got a new friend request from Shee’dee, wondering who is it ?? Then I looked her profile.. OMG this is my friend in elementary school. Suddenly I accepted her request and sent her a comment.. I remembered her, cos her face isn’t changed a lot…

And she replied to my comment in a very short time after i sent her.. And  i was surprised, because there’s a thing that she remembered, but i didn’t
She wrote : (translated in English ^^)

Hello still remember me ? I’m the one who used to go back (after school) with you. When no one picked us up, we used to take the same “Bemo”, and when you’re picked up with your dad, i sit in the middle of u n ur dad on ur dad’s motorbike

Boing…. think think think… i remember her faces clearly, but how can i forget that moment…I start to remember her house, seems like we ever walked there.

So i’m in the middle of recall my memory.. (processing).

I’m planning to write back how do i look my self in school, wish i could remember lot of thing, since i know i was no one (means i’m just a silent home girl, nothing special) when i was at school  (will be the next post ^^)


5 thoughts on “Where does my memory go?

  1. Gw adalah org yg ke-666 yg ngunjungin page ini (hiyyy, pertanda sesuatukah?), liat dari hit counter di bawah.
    Eh, sejak kapan bisa bahasa Korea? Tau gitu kmaren pas nonton bola Korea vs Arab Saudi, ngajakin lu biar bisa minta supporter Korea buat foto bareng huehuehue :p

  2. Waaa scaryy… triple six..untung loe ga kirimnya di jam 6, menit ke 6 n detik ke 6 juga hahah….
    Iya tadi baca blog loe…yaaa…ada korean…napa juga ga bilang 😦 gua belon bisa kale..cuma bisa baca tulis aja, artinya masi temenan ama babylon 😛 n buku kecil huehue.. tapi kan asik juga kalo bisa ketemu koreeannya langsung huehuehue…

  3. oh jam 6 juga ya wakaka…
    Annyông ^^
    waaa…. 고맙습니다 (read : komapsûmnida) Lius-ssi ^^ for adding korean language hihihii…. (adooo pengen belajar ne)

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