My High School

(Ow something i forgot from my Junior High School…in my 3rd grade, i was soooo tomboy – anybody who ever see my “Sim C” will know it hihi – until there was a time, people (actually they were my bro’s friend) discussed whether i’m a girl or a boy… Wattaaaaaa)

I think since it’s the closest time among all, i might remember it well (what a pity if i can’t)

Just like my Junior High, I enrolled for Public High School (but different school with my bro this time ^^) . Suddenly remember the process before I went to this High School…. I registered to go to Taruma Nusantara High School @ Malang… Boing… actually it’s my mom’s idea… err..Thank God I didn’t pass the test hihii.. I think after the PBB (Baris ber Baris) test, i was disqualified…

First Grade

I was in 1-6 class, which continued to 2-6 and 3P6 (science specialization, since i’m not very good in social subject – i like playing with number more than memorizing – Applause to all my friends who took social specialization).

In my first grade, there was a time I went school by bemo – since the school near with Kreneng, the pool for bemo in Dps, which is also one of big traditional market. I remember the post office that I passed if I went home with bemo.
I forgot when was the exact date, but finally i went school by motorbike hihhihi… Finally… Didn’t have to struggle with bemo, which always wait as full as it can to (finally) go.
Without any care that all the people in it already breathless… waiting… in a hot small car… Huuurraaayy..

I was at the same class with Fajar, Githa and Wawan (again hihi) – my elementary friends -.

This class 1 – 6, quite cruel crazy i guess…especially the boys… They used to find a victim (a boy of course) which will be carried [read : gotong] with about 4 – 6 crazy boys. His hands and foots will be held with other boys… The next…
Hmmm in front of our class, there was a tree..
That boy was carried to that tree, and will be hit to that tree with his foots and hands still carried with other… One foot in the left side of the tree, and the other foot in the right side of the tree, then it was bumped to that tree… err…cruel huh (in my opinion), but they just laughed after doing that… I think all of the boys ever tortured like that.. Haiyaa… That was a routine activity for them, if they bored i guess…

That time, i forgot the name with whom i was sit 😦 sorry.. but i still remember your face ^^.. And Gustin n Wiwied sit near me… Hi there…i miss you both.. (wiwied @ korea now, and Gustin @ bali). I sit in the 3rd row from the front.
I almost forgot Rini (my best friend tooo) …my friend who introduced me to renote everything… (amaze with u gal ^^), you wrote a draft note on your thick book with that pencil, then u renote it with your beautiful neat handwriting.
Hihihi i used your method in my study. Thank you ^^..

Ow…in this grade, i enrolled for Marching Band for my extra curricular… The rehearsal is evey Sunday.. ( i went there after Church). Here i was taught how to blow a trumpet with Kak Donny (hey it’s not easy), also how to walk in Marching Band is not like a normal walk… We have to walk, only the lower body allowed to be moved… The upper body seems like not moving at all (imagine one of Mr.Bean action, just like he was going down on the stairs, but he’s not) . Among all the tools in Marching Band, i was falling in love with Triol(3) or Quartom(4) or Quint(5) (hey Ika, you’re my pal in this area hihi, not many girls choosed it anyway ^^) .. I like to play the bass drum too hihi, but it’s soooo heavy.. ( i remember Kak Ichsan, the fattest one that bring the biggest bass drum ^^)
I was taught with Kak Armeq, about how to play Triol (3 lil drum with different tone if it was hit). The heaviest is the Quint that I carried when we’re on our rehearsal to prepare the competition (LangGam), cos i couldn’t carried it (soooo heavy laa) I asked my senior to bring Triol for that competition.
I remember, we played Titanic for our competition… (We’re number 2 Yey ^ ^) . Nice percussion performance they said..

Ow yaaa..the great things when I was in Marching band are, I wasn’t concern for the bit that should be played (cos i was in percussion area), but also the step that i took, cos we made a formation while we were playing it… So we have to count our step too.. .This kinda thing…really need a great great cooperation from all members..

Unfortunately, my parents complained me for the tight rehearsal schedule (cos we’re preparing for the competition).. So i couldn’t continue in this Extra Curricular = =’ sad thing have to leave it…

Second Grade…

We still with the same class member.. We’re getting to know each other more, with our own character…
Hmm what i remember the most from this grade… this was my first time to drive a RGR (boy’s motorbike huahuahua) from my school to Renon (a place for sport lesson) … hihihi thnx to Fajar who taught me ^^, at last i drove it in a real road. I was practicing it in front of my home. Since that day… I’m happy if i can drive it again… Hihihi..but dunno why i don’t like to drive like Tiger… Different feel with RGR or other racing type i guess.. Well that’s me hiihhi…

Because i couldn’t join Marching Band again, this time i joined Paskibra for my Extra Curricular. Hohoho.. in that time, we were preparing for competition (again… why when I enrolled a new one, it’s on its process to join a competition). I remember Kak Ochie as our instructor, we taught how to line up in many formations… Practicing in under the hot crazy sun arrrggghhh….
Through this activity, i have a lot of new experience… like :
– first time to taste Samiloto… Waaa what a bitter leaf…
– first time to go into mud.. Yaiks.. but great hihhi
– first time to go for hiking, sleeping under the tent under the wonderful star..
– first time to be on the truck, on our way after hiking, we were carried by a truck…a truck that used to carried cows, or anything on it…
Hohoho…very interesting… Though after the competition i quit from that activity (again)

Ow… this grade i used to skipped a class hihhi.. oit…don’t think bad about me okay ???
This grade, i was sit with Dharmayani. Actually she was my senior, but because of an accident (a dangerous one), she faced unconscious condition for about err…more 3 months i guess. Because of it, her condition not really well. So she used to get a headache in the middle of the class. If that happened… i used to accompany her to go to UKS (see..i’m not that bad laaa… ^^)
Just like my 1st Junior High School. This grade, i was sit right in front of teacher desk (again = =’). So i should take a note well, cos the teacher might see it (last week note) khu khu khu…

Third Grade..

No more extra curricular that had to be joined. Finally huff…
I was in 3P6, but Wiwied had already moved to other place (so sad). In this grade, Charlie (a girl) was one of my best friend… The artists of our class were Fajar and Githa (both are my friends since elementary ^^) Fajar was very great dealing with teacher…

The craziest thing we (our class) did was in our Physic class.. (sorry to Mrs.Mari hihi)
That day we had a lab instead of a normal class, all of us already in the lab. Suddenly a silly thing came up, we try to trick our teacher… So all of us stay in that lab. The doors were closed, the curtain was covered. We tried to create like no body in that lab… Then Fajar sneaked behind the curtain…
He saw Mrs.Mari on her way to that lab…But lil bit doubt in her face, cos that lab was soo dark. The curtain covered all the windows. The doors were closed… So she walked to our class (an empty class of course hihihi).. Gotchaaaa…
Then she walked back to the lab… *jreng jreng* What should we say about it….

Then Fajar showed hihi..he’s the master for this kinda thing la… He said to Mrs.Mari…sorry, we didn’t mean to deceive you, nor play with you… Actually we wanted to give you a surprise… (halah…what a sweet sound hahahah)… Then we saw Mrs.Mari’s face better after he talked about that…. Fiuhhh…Thank God she wasn’t angry with us hihihi…

There was a memorable teacher in this grade, she is Mrs.Arya… My chemistry teacher.. (she has passed away because of the cancer, but to see her struggling with it… it just a miracle to see something like it.. I’m proud of you Mrs.Arya). Because of her, i was introduced with some of Olympics.. there were Chemistry and Physic Olympics in that time… well of course with my limited capability, i never win one of it. But I thank God, I was given a chance to know it all.
Besides Chemistry and Physic, i also join the Accounting comp @ Singaraja… (hahha though i was in science specialization, but i like accounting hihihi… may be cos i like to play with number). It’s an honor to represent my school to that competition with DP, though i didn’t win anything… Just feel great to be one of the team ^^

Oya…Siomay near my school was great… Hope it still there…Siomay + porridge + ice Milo…hmmm nyummy

My friends in that grade… hmmm quite a lot..let me try to remember…There were….
Wanda, Inten, Astari, Maha, Adi Keceng, Ratih, Ade, Mahyuni, Cimot (a boy..not c ceemot yaa hihi), Alit, Dedik Leber, Okytt, Bleki (which is Pramartha), Sangut (which is Prima), Wirama … errr….can’t remember again – -‘ Sorry palz…

I miss the moment we went to Kintamani, get lost together hihihi, Ubud, Bedugul…
Thank you all for great moments to be with you all ^^

* time to sleep… ^^


9 thoughts on “My High School

  1. wow, you played marching band.. ck ck..

    @litz : haha, tata wanted to refresh only the very mukashii times only.
    college story was still too fresh maybe for her? hahaha..

  2. @ Lit
    Hahaha… jangan lit, ntar makin banyak orang ngefans ama loe kan gua ga enak.. Loe jadi banyak yang cariin gitu… ^^

    @ anung
    Monggo silakan ^^, biaya anter jemput bisa diitung2 nanti huahuahua…

    @ Ci wil..
    Long time agooo… untung ga kebagian muter2 bendera hahaha….
    Haik…. betullllll wekekeke… the old days dulu ^^ tiba2 kangen ama masa2 itu.. huhuhu pengen pulang kampunggg

    kalo college story kepanjangan tu..soalnya punya 2 idup hahaha… bluejack ama mahasiswa (walopun ga gitu kerasa yang ini, soalna ada elit si hahaha, means : yang bantuin buat tugas hehehe )

    (abis tulis ini besokannya langsung mimpi ke sekolah lama gitu = =’)

  3. @ c ceemot n anung..
    Bole bole…biaya nginep gratis… * sekali lagi nginep, which is membaringkan kepala only *
    Ntar biaya listrik, aer, cuci², makan bisa diitung triple kok..tenang aja….
    So berminat nung ???

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