Is it the answer ?

Just a current thought of me

* sentimentil mode on…

I’ve found it by today, i found a thing that support my friend’s words
My friend told me couple of days ago about it…

Is it the answer of all my questions ?
Is it the answer of all my thoughts ?

I do really wish i can hypnotize my self if all of it just like what my friend told me…
And nothing more than that
Just trust it.

Don’t wanna live in a fool thought anymore…
Everyone has their own problem in their life.
And that’s normal
Be Real..Be Happy!!!
* Just keep trying harder to hypnotize my self

* sentimentil mode off



8 thoughts on “Is it the answer ?

  1. @ c ceemot…
    Na itu dia..belon nemu konci jawabannya = =’ mau dong nyontek yang punya konci jawabannya huehuehue…

    @ Zet n elit..
    Khu khu…makasi makasi…
    I feel touchy……

  2. @ 23i
    Halo halo juga 🙂
    Iyah…every body pasti ada probnya sendiri…. dan pasti selalu ada solusinyaa (terlepeas we are part of the solution or not *doh jadi berfilsafat gini *) ^o^

    Salam kenal juga yaaaakkkk…. ^^

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