July 18th

July 18th 07… Today….

For some people might just ordinary day… or might be a boring day, or a stressful day, or a busy day…

While for some people might a day that can’t be forgotten… (suddenly remember Indonesian artists which get married today, July 18th 07 @ Tirtha Uluwatu in Uluwatu area, a place that leaves a deep memories to me ^^, anyway that’s a great place, one of my wish list hahaha), or a great day, a wonderful day….

For me, hmmm let say..today is a busy day…lot of things have to be handled… work things, personal things, ast things hohoho..lot of it….
But beside of that..today is also a great day, a day that i will pass well, better than before…better than previous day, better than previous year…
No matter what happen

Well, might be confuse while reading this post..just wanna post my thought hihihi… n want this day to be remembered and written in this blog (personal purpose ^^)

Have a great day then….


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