Well it’s quite related with c wil’s topic before… but just for the Komatta…. there is no relation between gokiburi and this post ^^

Okay…i just back from TA w c ceemot.. (actually today, it’s not for FF = =’ huehuehue, i dont even in the mood for that..I We still have to pay for the 2 weeks off before…c ceemot..remember yaaaa ^^..at least debt for this week had paid with tragic swimming – which made my left ear hurt -)
Okay..dunno what’s trigger it, suddenly we talked about what’s in ci wil post… Kamotta..kimotaa..finally remember it’s Komatta… then i asked what’s the cocroach in Jap… Err..this one we tried harder to remember the “Gokiburi” huehueue.. We discussed it before got in to the Lift… Then finally talked about the summer in Oz…bout the flies… In the Lift, suddenly there was a guy talked Japanese… Oooppsss….
After on UG-Floor… c ceemot said…we should said Gokiburiiiii huihuihui… (since c wil said Japanese really hate it huehuee) then there should be “komatta” from that guy hahaha…. while we’re waiting the taxi queue, the Japanese lesson continued…

Ceemot : ” what is please in Japan?” (when c wil said to the old lady)
Me : “Douzo” (cos i remember the word Dojo Yoroshiku from my really expressss Jap Lesson – that i left bcoz of too dizzy with Hiragana, Katakana and of course the wonderful Kanji hahaha…, then falling in love with Hangeul ^^ )

Then suddenle there’s a voice :

Guy : “Excuse me, is it to wait the taxi”
Me : “Yes”

Errr….Komatta!!@$@! ….that’s the guy from the lift…who speaks Japanese… Really really Komatta (Omaigat!!..ci wil style hihi) did he hears what we talked before bout the Gokiburi…the Komatta… errrr…anooo…etooo…errr…. just try not to laugh for it…so i just can smile.. hihihi…
Try to find another topic which is of course talked in Indonesian while we were waiting in the queue…
And finally got the taxi hihihi…

Komatta…hihhi..that’s the word of the day… ^o^


4 thoughts on “Komatta….

  1. wakakaka.. hahahah.. =))
    bener2 kaget pas tu orang tiba2 nongol di belakang kita..
    itu dia nanya taksi, seblomnya g masi sempet ngomong2 “arigato gozaimashita…”
    dia dengernya bingung kali ya ;))

    sebenernya pas di queue taksi, mo ngomong “gokiburi” lagi..
    tapi ga jadi soalnya masi blom yakin bener kata2nya *waktu itu ingetnya gokaburi..untung ga jadi ngomong.. kan tengsin klo salah :))*

    hahahah… penyegaran yang bagus 🙂

  2. Huehuehue…sekarang keinget terus de..itu gokiburi ama komatta… mana ada ngomong iie segala huehuehue… keinget terusss goki goki…buri….gokiburi… komatta…. inget de

  3. hahahaha.. tata.. tata.. :))
    geli dhe.. komatta na.. 😀
    harusnya pas orang jepangnya tiba2 nongol di belakang, bilang lagi : dou shi you kana? kekekeke.. (artinya duh.. gimana ya nih..-> tapi buat ngomong ke diri sendiri doank).

    Lagian masa baru kenalan bukannya ber-hajimemashite tapi ber-gokiburi.. kekekeke

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