The Answer

* sentimentil mode on

Finally I’ve found the answer…
The thought that bothered my mind
And I found it yesterday…

It’s right like what my friend told me
All things that happened,
There’s no relation with me.
It’s just me who played with my silly thought too long

No more hypnotizing my self anymore..
All that i have to do
Just face the real
The truth will reveal though it’s not spoken
It has its own time to reveal
Just be brave and keep the faith.

That everything happens for a reason…This is a must.
And God’s  plan will be perfect in His time (that i haven’t figure out when is it.. Just Believe)

* sentimentil mode off

huff…Hard but still have to be faced..
Sad but happy, cos it’s finally found (n wish there’s no continuation for it).

Just keep wish for the best…. ^^ 화이팅!!!


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