JOS Mid Year Concert

Finally mid year concert from Jakarta Oratorio Society (JOS) is announced ^^ :

JOS Mid Year Concert

Well..this time the ticket price lil bit more expensive than before.. Why ???? (that question must be pop up in your mind..)…
This concert invites wonderful guest stars from Taipei (the violist and the pianist) , Singapore (the wonderful amazing alto that i ever heard ^^) and other countries (hehe actually i forget = =’)
Also Indonesian talented performer Ms.Renata, Ms.Elsa , Ms. Eunice and our beloved Mr.Ndaru ^^ and the orchestra.
This concert will be a great one, and it’s a pity if u miss it ^^…

* promotion mode on *

Don’t forget :

JOS Midyear Concert 2007
Perform :
J.S BachMagnificat in D
and others

Saturday, 25 August 07.
@Graha Gepembri – Gading, 19.30

See u there ^^


3 thoughts on “JOS Mid Year Concert

  1. huahauha..ayo tu ci…udah ada yang tawarin barengan…tinggal beli tiket doang looo…
    mari mari beli tiket…order order… ayo sapa mo beli hihhiihi

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