A post for Mr.Amin

in the middle of service, Mr.Tong announced that Mr.Amin Tjung (one of our preacher @GRII) had passed away.
He had struggled with cancer for about 7 years… Not a short time, but he never give up on everything, instead, he always try the best for everything.

There was a time when doctor said his cancer had gone. After passed all the therapy.
But 2 or 3 years ago, the cancer came again, even worse than before. It spread to other parts. It made his body weak and frail, but his spirit in delivering service was getting more determined and enthusiastic …

He was the one who started MRII in Palembang, Batam and Singapore…for the past 2 years he stayed and served in Singapore.

I went to Dharmais, there was the last solace service (it’s been held since Monday, but i couldn’t come) for his family. It’s not hard to find the place, just find the crowded one ^^ also so many wreaths

I asked my friend who attended the service since Monday… She said… it was always full, and the people who came, differ with came the previous day..
On Monday and Tuesday, they hired room A and B. On Wednesday, room C was hired, to there was more space for others. Even his people from Singapore came.
By seeing so many people came, others may know how great was this person….
(in my opinion, the greatness of a man can be seen more in his funeral…)

I opened the book for the service…There were some songs, and the first five songs were the songs that he chose himself to be sung in his funeral (he had prepared for his funeral well)
He also had arranged the preacher who will preach, also the topic…

Then the service started at 7.30pm…

There were lot of unbelievable testimonials about him… especially from the people he served in Singapore… Here, i’d like to write some of it, to testify how great he had served the Lord….

I remember Mr.Amin…he loved us (people in Sing) so much. When he still served 3 cities (Palembang, Batam and Singapore). He always brought a suitcase. An old one, and sometime he said… this suitcase almost broken…
When i knew what’s in it. I was surprised…. It’s not his belongings… That suitcase fulled of books, books that he gave to his people in those cities. Books that used to strengthen our faith in God. Books that he gave us, cos he couldn’t stay with us everyday.
He brought it , that heavy suitcase, by himself alone.. to those cities… not for him, but for us… He loved us so much… See you again in Home.

It was last week. While he laid on his bad. I saw how weak he was. But he still asked me about the summarize of the weekly preach, he need to check it. I saw him, checked it very detail… He never skipped it, although he was in pain, although he was so weak, he never used it as a reason for not giving the best…
Till the rest of his life, he gave his best for God.

He ever said to me… Something that made him very sad was…he could not stood in front of us again to preach… that’s the saddest he felt because of that cancer…
But..that thing didn’t stop him… he came to the people in the hospital, he told them about how much Jesus loved them so much. How he had died to save us…

I was there…in that room… 2 days before he passed away, his condition was getting worse…We brought him to the hospital again. He was so weak.
Saturday night, his condition became worse. Doctor said, it’s only 2 or 3 hours left for him… From the monitor, i saw his pressure was fine, but his breath, his heartbeat,… so weak.. only around 30/minutes.
I couldn’t slept well that night. 5AM i went to hospital again, i saw 2 youths and Mrs.Lita (Mr.Amin’s wife) overslept in that room. I saw him, laid on that bed… i called my wife… to tell her, his condition really bad. Then my wife told me to sing for him… Suddenly i saw PPK and i chose the song and sang it. I even cant remember again what i sang….
Then the youths awake sang with me, followed with Mrs.Lita. We sang…..
Until one song, i remembered, “I surrender Lord”. In that song, he breathe for the las… He was so peace… He rest in peace…

I think i have and i do have to tell you to all students in Reformed Institute… Mr.Amin loved you so much.
On his last class, he gave you an assignment. A paper.
Sometime, i helped him to check on it. He marked it very detail, he read it closely. When he feel a sleep, i pulled that paper from him, so he can sleep. When he awoke, he asked me back that paper.
I ever told him, “why don’t just gave it a glimpse, don’t be too detail.”
He answered me, “how could we gave a glimpse on it. How can i not give my best on it, while they’ve gave their best.” God had gave His life to me, how dare me for not giving my best.
I was so ashamed on me for thinking like that… Even in that condition, he still gave his best, remind me to give the best.
He’s so sorry he couldn’t finished it, there’s still 5 papers left. But for those who have checked, you can see how he wrote there, corrected your paper very detail.

Saturday night, while we were sleeping so tight. While we breath freely.
He..was there alone, felt all the pain that caused by cancer. Fought alone to keep alive.
But now, he smile at us from heaven.
See you again my friend, see you Home.

For me, it’s an honor to know him. To hear other testified like that, how he had touched our heart with his service…

He didn’t work for people,
he didn’t work for organization,
he didn’t work for church
But he worked for God.
He serviced others with humble
Never thought about his pain, but fought for it.
Never use his condition as an excuse,
but use it a chance to serve others more.

See you again…
Everyone has the same start and ending point.
But everyone has different pathways.

You may departed from our live,
but the memory of yours still in our heart forever.

See you again my friend.
Thank you for the spirit that you left for us.
Thank you for gave us a good example..


3 thoughts on “A post for Mr.Amin

  1. Iyah = =’…
    Minggu lalu ada denger temen cerita….kalo pak Amin bener2 bersyukur atas sakitnya itu…Kenapa???
    Karena dia bisa lebih mengerti kondisi orang yg lagi terbaring di rumah sakit spt apa. Pergumulan mereka, perasaan mereka. Atas pengertian itu dia jadi bisa lebih ngasihin mereka….
    Iya nung…tiap orang pasti udah diatur…..

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